Cons, and Libs!@ rate these presidents then list you political stance?

Guess i'll go in order

1) Franklin Delano Roosevelt

2) John F Kennedy

3) Lyndon Johnson

4) Jimmy Carter

5) Ronald Reagan

6) Bill Clinton

7) George W Bush

8) Barrack Obama

my list from worst to best










i ommited George H Bush on purpose because hes not that mentioned in politics and i forgot about nixon... oh well, it'd be interesting to see how many conservatives rate Obama worse then Nixon

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  • Jen
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    10 years ago
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    Worst to Best:

    1. Bush

    2. Reagan

    3. Jimmy

    4. Lyndon

    5. JFK

    6. Obama

    7. Bill

    8. FDR

    Did you omit Nixon on purpose?

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  • 10 years ago

    FDR, Johnson - not sure ???

    JFK - excellent

    Carter - Okay, he did actually create some jobs contrary to popular belief he left the economy better than he inherited it

    Clinton - Good on the economy. Attempted internet censorship was grounds for impeachment, although Lewinski certainly was not.

    Bush - worst president ever. Created two recessions, lied about WMD's to start a war for oil, ignored constitution, created a massive budget deficit. Should have been impeached.

    Reagan - 2nd worst president ever. Cut taxes for the rich in half creating a massive deficit. Set the US on a path to where we are today in so doing.

    Obama - somewhere in the middle between the others. He's started creating jobs but he needs to tax the rich more to close the budget deficit and he has failed to do this.

    Stance - libertarian on personal freedoms, left on economic issues

  • 10 years ago

    Kennedy and Reagan are a virtual tie at the top of this list for me. Depending what day you ask me I'd but them in either order. Kennedy resolved the Cuban Missile Crisis without war, cut confiscatory tax rates, and was a generally amazing leader and inspirer. Regan restored faith in American capitalism when it was very much on route to being dead and buried.

    The next tier is Clinton, FDR and LBJ. These I would call the "mixed bag" presidents. Clinton at the top of the tier for a bunch of things he had nothing to do with (Welfare reform, spending caps, tech boom fueled by Y2K spending), but which the country benefitted from and he had enough brains to (eventually) get out of the way and let them happen.

    FDR and LBJ both dramatically worsened our fiscal state with permanent poorly planned entitlements, but FDR had a great track record as a wartime president and LBJ had the courage to step in with the FBI and effectively kill state-supported southern racism. LBJ also is the primary screw-up responsible for our failure in Vietnam (though Nixon gets heaping helping of blame too).

    The rest, Carter, W, and Obama are total f*-ups. Each demonstrated FANTASTIC ignorance about hwo to run an economy. Each has some minor successes (W's Millenium Challenge Corp, Obama's getting OBL and repealing DADT), but these are outsized by their epic failures.

    (update) No, Obama is not worse than Nixon. Certainly, Obama's POLICIES have been worse than Nixon. Nixon had the tail end of Vietnam, but it was already a stinker before he got there, and Nixon's economic policies were terrible. But Nixon also opened China. Left alone, that would be enough to lift him over Obama, but then you factor in Watergate. A massive abuse of power scandal. Obama I think is suspect for violating the War Powers Act fairly blatantly, but although he has govt lawyers pretending there's nothing wrong, he hasn't abused the office to cover it up which is what both Nixon and Clinton did. So Obama slips above Nixon.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    From worst to best?

    Jimmy Carter

    Lyndon Johnson



    George W Bush(Obama and George Bush are equally bad)




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  • 4 years ago

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  • 10 years ago






    J Kennedy

    F D R

    G Bush

    R Reagan

    I'd be interested to know how many of the people who post their answers

    were even adults during most these presidents? Well, I know each one of

    them except FDR, so maybe I remember a little more about them than

    others who have posted here.

  • neil
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    10 years ago


    1) Reagan

    2) George Washington

    3) Jefferson

    4) Bush


    1) Obama

    2) FDR

    3) Wilson

    4) Carter

  • 10 years ago

    Well, I had a decent job when Bush was president and i FINALLY found another one. So I would have to put Obama behind Bush

  • axe
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    10 years ago

    worse to best

    1. johnson

    2. nixon

    3. carter

    4. bush jr

    5. obama

    6. bush sr

    7. reagan

    8. clinton

    9. jfk

    10. fdr

    registered gop, vote regardless of party affiliations.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago




    The rest were so bad it does not even matter how they rate.

    Conservative. Clinton only makes the list because of the conservative takeover in 93 which caused him to move to the center

    This was best to worst

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