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Would Ian Mackaye be cool with this?

I know that Ian, especially in his Fugazi days, hated any form of merchandise (thus the song Merchandise) and refused to sell t-shirts or posters or anything besides his music. However, I was wondering if he was against fans making their own shirts? I just wanted to know because I would feel like such a tool if I I wore a shirt to show that I liked the band while the band itself hated the idea of fans wearing even homemade shirts.

BQ: Which album do you think is better, In on the Kill Taker or Red Medicine?

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    Ian MacKaye has come a long way in his ideology since his youth. He's now older, has a family, and is generally more maturer. I'm sure the band wouldn't have any problem with you showing public support for the band with a shirt. Or at least, the wouldn't call you out if they did.

    BA: Kill Taker.

    Source(s): Eddie Vedder
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    I don't think he'd care. It don't hurt no one. Just do it.

    BQ: I only have the "13 Songs" comp. But I'm sure they're great.

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    well he doesnt know you, so i dont think he will care.

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