How many MOS's is a Marine Corps Officer limited to?

Yes I know you must select one MOS before bootcamp but as for Officers who study at academies or colleges they may study a wide range of majors which I know assist in your placement due to what you know and how much you know. I'm asking because I am majoring in both Criminal Justice and Photojournalism and will be commissioning through VWIL out of MBC. I had planned to be a Public Affairs Officer but also realized that I could even be a Military Police Officer. Can I switch later on or will I be set with just one MOS throughout my entire time served?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I will inform you a little about the Officer Corps. You get to pick 3 MOS you are interested in. The Board will eventually place you where you best fit. You will have one MOS specifically in the Branch you are placed. (Combat Arms, Legal,etc). It is possible to have secondary job but you will be focused on the Primary. Make sure if you want Public Affairs, you are in the Legal branch. Officers are totally different than Enlisted. Once you are placed in a Branch/job, you are there until you either resign your commission or if you have problems in your field.

    Source(s): Retired Military 21yrs (Marines & Army)
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    Everything in this list is an Officer MOS in the USMC.

    Unfortunately, since there are few officers and many positions, you get less of a "choice" than the enlisted side does.

    The Marine Corps will place you in the MOS they need you most.

    List of officer jobs.

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    There are quite a few of those to choose from. I found you a chart here:

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