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My dog has an infection in his stomach ?

His only 5 years old, the vet came to my house to check and told us that gave us some pills to give him but they don;t seem to be working. Everything he eats, he throws back up & it's sad to see him this way. I'm asking if you guys had ever had a dog with this type of infection. My uncle & my dad gave him beer but refuse to say that it was the beer it wasn't the food cause then other people wouldn't gotten effected. Please where going to take him to the vet today. What are the chances he might live cause his been sick for like 4 days please give me anything you have to help thank you.

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    It most likely was the beer than lowered his immunity to thing for a while, in that period he picked up some stomach disease. What ever happened the beer was defintiely a contributing factor. Tell the vet about the beer, maybe he/she can help more if he/she knows about it.

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