Taking a healthcare marketing class what can you gain and what are some expectations?

"alot" of details please and thank you paragraph "s" is fine

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    The beginning will most likely focus around the healthcare market itself and the beginnings of healthcare marketing. Most classes spend some time on this because healthcare was an industry in which marketing was considered unnecessary and even unethical, and has slowly gained momentum in market research over the years. Saying that, there will most likely be a be a brief section regarding WHY healthcare marketing is necessary.

    You will definately spend time learning the differences between HEALTHCARE marketing and that of traditional businesses. i.e. Healthcare is unique because services are usually NOT marketed to the end user. Specialist providers market to primary care providers for their referrals.

    There will be numerous information and comparisons regarding the difference between healthcare consumers and other consumers (i.e. most of the time, healthcare consumers do NOT choose which services or products they receive, their physicians do), as well as the differences between healthcare products and services and the products and services of other industries.

    You may also dive into demand for healthcare services as this is also very unique for the healthcare industry as people do NOT pick when to get sick, therefore demand is not as easily created as say Apple Inc. released a new version of an iPhone.

    The course should also cover marketing techniques used specific to healthcare. Again, healthcare marketing is such a different animal that traditional marketing because of factors (that you will also learn about) that change who is the target market.

    Take a look at this section of ipracticeconsultant.com and it will include a lot of what you are most likely to learn within the course. http://www.ipracticeconsultant.com/Marketing.html

    Source(s): www.ipracticeconsultant.com
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