internet in russia????

is pretty much the same thing as in the USA?

like if you want to search something do you use google?

does a lot of people use facebook as they do in the USA?

for email does everyone use gmail yahoo aol etc.


USA dosent block internet from anyone anywhere, nor does it block websites unless its like but it takes a long time for that to happen, we have no restrictions except no online gambleing, we can do online gambleing from a website in another country

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  • Oirdne
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    10 years ago
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    In Russia they don't block sites just without any reason too. The main reasons are propaganda of terrorism, information about making bombs at home, propaganda of suicide, pedophilia, distribution of illegal intellectual property etc.. It is average practice for many countries.

    Russians CAN use Facebook the same way as everybody in the world. For example I have Facebook profile.

    The main problem why Facebook is not popular is that they didn't hurry to make version in Russian language. Russian companies were faster and took the whole market. When Facebook realized that Russia is good direction of expansion their chances were almost zero. Now Facebook is mostly used by people who has friends abroad because they started use it before they gave Russian version and don't have problems with English. All the rest Russians are in local and They are the same popular as Facebook in USA.

    As for emails, before it was the same problem - Google and Yahoo didn't look at Russia as perspective market. When they changed their opinion it was too late - most of Russians use local systems.

    Actually it was huge fail for foreign companies in Russia and Russian speaking countries. Those who gave products in Russian now earn A LOT, those who came second - only try to compete.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    1) if we want to search smth we use or

    2) few Russians use Facebook, instead we use and

    3) for mails we use, etc. gmail and yahoo aol are not widespread cause American-born services never cared too much of the Russian market

    As for speed I personally have a broadband 20 MBit/s

    and yeah, Internet is virtually everywhere here, pretty much the same as in US

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    we could continuously pass 10 miles on snow to realize the closest submit workplace. There this is attainable to jot down the letter which will deliver to Europe the place there is an cyber web that there have entered the respond on your question. 30 % of the inhabitants and ninety 5 % of colleges have get entry to to the internet.

  • 10 years ago is the Russian facebook. It has about 30m users daily which is almost a quater of the Russian population (140m), so it is extremely popular. Only Russians outside Russia might use facebook.

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  • 10 years ago

    They have the internet just like the USA. Some cites may be blocked by the country, but doesn't the USA block some cites too? They can use google, but they also have their own search engines (like Also, as someone already mentioned, they have Facebook, but can use their own similar cites as well. The same goes for your last questions re: email accounts.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    largest wimax wireless network

    yes google

    no they dont use facebook they use vkontakte

    other russian mails few use yahoo,gmail

    internet is widely used in russia ,a large no of users as per population

    about 90 million out of whole 160 million

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    There is almost no cable broadband internet providers. Mostly DSL. 20 Mb/s is very rear outside of Moscow. Usually it's about 1,5 - 5 Mb/s.

    On-line shopping as well as on-line banking also tend to be "equal to zero" beyond of Moscow.

    Almost nobody pays their bills on-line.

    Social networks very popular, but not a Facebook. They have own "like Facebook" service and "like Classmates" -

    Gmail is used by number of Russians, about Yahoo and AOL many of them barely even knows.

    Free Wi-Fi spots outside of Moscow also almost non exists.

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