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鴨子 asked in 教育與參考考試 · 10 years ago


1.________all the applicants, the woman who came in dressed sloppily in the blue jeans and a T-shirt has the most experience.


2.________terms of product quality and customer service,our company surpasses the competition.


3.Debtors are expected to remain_______ heavy economic pressure unless the interest rates are lowered.


4.According to the report published in today's Sun, the local government plans to reduce spending_______ one million dollars.



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  • 10 years ago
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    1. 在所有的申請者之中,那個婦人...經驗最豐富。

    在...之中,要用 of

    2. 依據商品的品質和顧客服務,我們公司超越所有的競爭(對手)。

    依據 in terms of 是片語

    3. 貸款人一定會承受很大的經濟壓力,除非利率降低。

    under... pressure 承受壓力 是片語(在壓力之下)

    4. reduce spending by one million dollars 減少一百萬元的開銷

    reduce by 減少(多少); increase by 增加(多少) 必須加上 by


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