mw2 ps3 challenge lobbies.?

hi before you start going "this is cheating" "do it your own way" i've done it my own way before and this is just a fun account...

my little brother wants to try it out and i wanna get him into a challenge lobby? can sombody please help me

just leave your name and i'll add you. and too all haters \__/ <--- my cup of cares empty..

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  • 9 years ago
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    True answer: Challenge lobbies are a thing of the past really, and here's why, number one: the game was patched.

    Number two: Since the PSN was hacked sony and it's partners IW/3Arc/Activision etc... now use a MAC address banning list, which means it doesn't matter how many accounts your PS3 has. once that system has been entered into the list (The list of known systems using any sort of mod and or hacks) the system is banned from the PSN and will NEVER be allowed to sign in. and since you can't technically change the MAC address as easy as a IP address' you're screwed.

  • Carlos
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    9 years ago

    with the new 3.something firmware no 3rd party USB can insterted into your ps3 resulting into no hack lobbies but hackers are hackers and will figure out a way to hack it again and if your reeally desperated delete the firmwaire

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