Are there jellyfish in the gulf of Mexico?

This is the first time I have stayed on the gulf, and there is something in the water. Yesterday I got a bad burning feeling on my upper thigh when in the water. My whole family had the same feeling in other places on their bodies. Today when I went in the water, the whole front of my foot was burning an when I pulled it out of the water, it looked normal. Then about a half hour later, my foot kept burning and little red dots developed. That was 5 or so hours ago. It doesn't hurt anymore, but in total there are 9 dots on my foot. Not in a line and my family only has single dots in various places. I've never been stung by a jelly so I don't know if it is or not. Other people on the beach said they got sting by jellies and saw them. Could these be jellyfish? If not, what could it be? And will my family and I be okay? (especially my foot that got attacked nine times?)

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    Yes, there are jellyfish in the Gulf of Mexico. One of my friends is on vacation there and got stung today, actually!

    For jellyfish stings, soak or rinse the area in vinegar (acetic acid) for 15-30 minutes to stop the nematocysts from releasing their toxins. If you do not have vinegar available, rinse in sea water,70% isopropyl alcohol, or Safe Sea Jellyfish After Sting® pain relief gel. Do not use fresh water. Fresh water will cause the nematocysts to continue to release their toxin. For the same reason, do not rub the area, apply ice or hot water.

    Also, if you are stung by a box jellyfish, seek medical help immediately. While you are waiting for medical help, flood the area with vinegar until medical help is available and keep as still as possible. If you are not close to medical care, soak the area and tentacles for 10 minutes or more, before attempting to remove them. If the sting is on the arms or legs, you can place a pressure dressing (like an ACE wrap used for a sprained ankle) around the sting. Be careful that you do not stop blood flow - the fingers and toes should always stay pink. This will help to slow down the spread of the toxin.

    Since you didn't see the jellyfish, you should try vinegar first and if that doesn't help at all, then seek medical help. Good luck! :)

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    One thing i do know is that there were jelly fish in your pants..

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