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Does anyone know how to start a class action lawsuit?

That's all do you ?

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    You can search for existing class action lawsuits involving the company, corporation, or entity by whom you have been wronged. Here is a law article on the specifics of joining a class action lawsuit: Note that you can also simply approach an attorney who handles class action lawsuits as well and go from there. It is not a requirement that there already by a large class action suit for you to go forward with a suit. The cost of becoming involved in a class action suit is variable, but tends to be much, much lower than a regular suit and many are completely free of costs. Here is another article that explains costs: Starting your own suit will also not necessarily mean that you will pay significantly more. Just know what you are expecting before you go out looking for options.

  • Step One: contact a lawyer with experience in class actions.

    The actual process of having a class action certified is long, complex, and expensive. It requires a very knowledgeable legal team.

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    You find an attorney that will take 85% of everything you collect and you pay him win or lose

    Sounds like a good deal to me and you wait 4 or 5 years to collect and all the time you are paying your attorney

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    Come up with something juicy and present it to a law firm.

    If they think they can get filthy rich off it. they will pursue it.

    You and the rest of your class will get $1.83 each, they will get $243 million

    And the treatment or cure that didn't work for you will be deprived to thousands of people who would have had a much better quality of life if you hadn't taken it away from them.

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