Which party made marijuana illegal republicans or democrats?

I'm a libertarian but I would lean more to the republican side but I'm also for the legalization of cannabis. I would like to know how, when and who (republicans or democrats) made it illegal. I'm having a hard time finding actual facts, all I find is a bunch of finger pointing. So if possible I would appreciate a link of that little bit of history please. :)

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    When a the drug laws that outlawed the use and distribution of marijuana in the US were passed, overall public sentiment over the drug was a wholly negative one thanks to the smear campaign efforts of newspaper magnate and millionaire tycoon William Randolph Hearst. (1863-1951) This was because of his racist attitude toward the Mexican population of the US at that time, who he reasoned were the largest consumers of the drug.

    Hearst was typographically and politically the non-Jewish, Jew hating, godfather of Fox News' current owner, Roger Ailes,(1940-present) in his own time; and he is known to be the progenitor of what was known as "yellow journalism" or as it is known today, "sensationalist news".

    Mr. Hearst's anti-marijuana smear campaign was so extreme, and so successful, over the time of his life overall, that it inspired both Democrats and Republican lawmakers in both the legislative and executive branches of national and state governments to ratify and sign provisions against the drug.

    Rumors also persist that Hearst and DuPont company petrochemical interests wished to eliminate hemp as an industrial competitor.

    My second article source also mentions one Harry J. Anslinger, (1892-1975) as another rich and powerful marijuana prohibitionist, who was directly and strongly involved in creating U.S. government anti-drug policy. Taking the head office of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics from 1930 till 1962, he is largely responsible for indoctrinating the majority of modern anti-marijuana laws prior to the "War on Drugs" era. Mr. Anslinger, as you may have guessed, was also close pal of William Randolph Hearst throughout Hearst's lifetime, and shared his inaccurate and racist views concerning the primary users of the marijuana drug.

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    The Democratic party made it illegal when Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. However, both parties are to blame for making no progress on reforming the law and/or repealing it. Although, depending on the state, the Democrats have in general made more progress than Republicans on the matter.

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    Well when smoking of marijuana became stylish and prevalent in US, of course conservatives shunned it and liberals either wanted to drop bombs on it or include it with the dinner table.

    But now that its been around and studied by all the wigged socialites, reconsidered by grown-old hippies, grown as our own, genuinely is of a medicinal value to some, was a staple in natives cultures, etc., I believe the steps toward legalization are made possible by both parties: the conservatives let the issue go as a matter more in hand now, and the liberals who waited just smile and sign. The radical liberals turned half republican on this.

    I don't know who you could blame for making it illegal originlly, but it could be understood from within the contexts of the last two ammendments to the US Constitution , Prohibition of alcohol, and the repealing of that ammendment as an ammendment. Wow, can you imagine? Politically, the US has always been over-zealous about governing our indulgences, and ever since the fiasco of Prohibition, have to be reminded of why there ought be practiced more humility within matters of similar sentiments. Therefore, I'd say you could find blame for pot made illegal all across the board.

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    Introduced in the House as H.R. 6906 by Robert L. Doughton (D–NC) on May 11, 1937

    Committee consideration by House Ways and Means Committee, Senate Committee on Finance

    Signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on August 2, 1937

    Democrats is the answer that no one else would post.

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    comparable guy. Obama is disconnected from actual people, as is Romney. Neither occasion serves the folk, they serve the administration base. Legalize each little thing and keep some tax money on enforcement, keep a butt load of tax money on drug offenders who heavily isn't violent offenders if there is not any earnings drugs. extra rights of the folk, era, because of fact the day is coming while our militia will come abode and be used to regulate us. The financial device will fall out to the element that folk would be marching on Washington in extra suitable numbers than the 60's, and it heavily isn't a team of hippies making a music 'supply peace of undertaking'. it's going to be the destitute and the ravenous stressful the "cradle to grave" entitlements that the idiotic politicians have instituted. via making entitlements that in simple terms the no longer ordinary working pay for, and easily people who don't pay can convey mutually, you have created a de-facto communist state. Toss 'em all out to Europe in the previous they convey about about Europe here.

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    White men outlawed the weed to repress the hipster / jazz culture, to increase resources needed too produce textiles and paper (money), and because it was a slap in the face too britian at a time that was in vouge.

    The illegality and 'schedual I'ness of canabis has very little to do with the effects of the drugs and a lot to do with politics.

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    I think it was both parties. It was legislation voted on by both parties that put it into law. At least that it what I think. I think it is time for a change.

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    both parties make the laws together !

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