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I heard russia might not be ready for 2014?

What happens then? Does it go back to vancouver?


Im pretty sure the rule is that it goes back to the place it was before

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    They may be behind, but if they don't get it done, it does not go back to Vancouver. There is no such rule in place. Never before, outside of the 1956 Summer Olympics has Olympic events been moved to another location. It happened in 1956 because of an equine quarantine. The equestrian events were held in Stockholm, while the rest of the events were held in Melbourne.

    Since this has never really happened, I don't know the procedure for relocating the games. However it has been contemplated multiple times before. In 1956 (separate issue), the IOC considered relocating the games to Rome because they had been selected to host the 1960 games, and were farther ahead of schedule than Melbourne. The same would likely happen in 2014 because Pyeongchang had bid for both the 2010 and 2014 games and lost, before being selected for the 2018 games. They are likely very far ahead Sochi, considering they've been preparing for nearly 10 years.

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  • There is almost no way that they wont be ready, Part of the selection process is to to have a game plan all set for either building areas for each event to happen or to already currently have a existing place to hold the events... The amount of money that gets dumped into your economy (floights, hotels, restraunt, ladies of the night, trinket stores, bar etc..) isnt something that a country is going to give up very easily...

    Even if they did have to give it up then it would not go back to vancouver more then likely it would go to a country that has everything needed to have the olympics but that have not hosted the olympics recently

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They'll be ready, and even if there not, I don't see the Olympics coming back to Vancouver :(

    Ohh, well then I hope Russia isn't ready, I loved having the Olympics in Vancouver !

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  • 9 years ago

    The same thing happened in Greece. They'll be ready. Russians are too proud to not pull it off.

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