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How hot is Austin Texas really?

I am planning on moving to Austin from New York City. I sweat a ton here from the heat we have.

Will I make it in Austin TX? or will I look like a wet puddle all the time because I sweat a lot!

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    We're having an unusually hot summer summer here, with an exceptional drought. Our average high in June was 99.93 degrees, which was about seven degrees warmer than average. So far this July, our average high has been 101 degrees (about six degrees warmer than average), and so far this year we've had 28 days over 100 degrees (normal is 12).

    Look at it this way: summer is to Austin what winter is to New York City. January, February and March in the Northeast are pretty yucky, and people end up with cabin fever because it's too cold and nasty to go outside. June, July and August in Texas are yucky, and people end up with cabin fever because it's too hot to go outside. The exception being that one can always go to Hippy Hollow and go skinnydipping!

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    = My sister taught me the term, and since she's been here over 10 years, I imagine you're right. I know several people that work for Dell, and I know they're not millionaires. Her husband grew up in Taylor and I imagine the term came from Dell's early years. But I've been going to the Lake for many years, and you've got to admit that besides the Sandra Bullock's moving there, there are lots more Massive houses, and the poor thing just doesn't feel quite the same. (I think I'm turning into a sentimental old coot who doesn't deal with change very well, and I'm only in my 30's). But that said...Austin is still the best place to live, and it's still got it's same old vibe.

    Plus, I'm probably just jealous, cause I want to eventually live by the water myself and we can't do it at this point. At least not on Travis. But there are many other Lakes that aren't as pricey, so there's still hope yet!

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    It does not get sizzling in March, in Texas. And I do not desire to grasp, considering the fact that mingling with a hundred and fifty,000 folks is *no longer* my inspiration of amusing. Oh, I'd avoid the east part if I have been you. Probably Red River, too. The police officers on sixth Street are Nazis, and the idiots on this the town can't force. You been warned. Oh, however check out Rudy's. Ask anybody.

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    This weeks temps:

    102° MON

    102° TUE

    103° WED

    104° THUR

    78° FRI

    yes you will sweat, it is humid. My husbands family is from NEW YORK where it snows in the winter and they think it is worse here in the winter. They tell me that in NY it is dry cold and here it is HUMID and cold which goes through to your bones. Some days is less humid than others though. But mostly yeah.

    How humid it is also determines the heat index. It could be 98 and feel 114 due to the humidity.

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    In the summer, you will sweat within one minute of walking outside. In the winter the lowest it gets is the high 30s... it averages in the 40s and 50s in winter. Summer is usually 80-110 degrees.

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    "If I owned both Texas and Hell, I would rent out Texas and live in Hell."

    -Some congress guy on Texas heat.

    It is hot here, but if you stay hydrated and have AC, you'll be fine.

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