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What were those big headed dolls before bratz?

they were pretty similar, only without the attitude. All i remember was they had huge head, what were they called?


not barbie dolls! they had HUGE HEADS and were a brief fad before brats

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    Diva Starz and the Blythe Dolls maybe what you are thinking of. Blythe have been popular since the early 1970's and then have been remade in the last 15 years. The ones from the 1970's sell in the thousands of dollars because they are so hard to fine. One is on ebay now for 1500.00

    The Blythe doll is 11-12" tall has a large vinyl head with very distinctive luminous eyes and unique to this doll is that they change color too. She has a string with a ring at the end that when pulled (pull it straight out horizontal, not downward), her eyes changed to a different color; purple or amber, and blue, pink, green. Her tiny body is fully jointed and her hair is rooted, she came as a redhead, blonde or brunette. She wore a mod type dress with high plastic boots. Clothing is marked: BLYTHE™ by Kenner.

    Her markings are: BLYTHE ™/KENNER PRODUCTS/Cincinnati, Ohio © 1972 G.M.F.G.I./Patents Pending/Made in Hong Kong. (G.M.F.G.I = General Mills Fun Group Inc.)

    Here is a link with pictures

    Diva Starz

    Each doll is approximately nine inches tall, with plastic clothing and combable hair. The owner can change the doll's outfits by snapping on different pieces of clothing. By using small metal contacts in the clothing and on the body, the doll "knows" which garment it is wearing, and will respond accordingly. Alexa, for example, replies with statements like "You have a great sense of style. I love my pink evening gown. Do you think it makes my eyes look bluer?"

    After the success of the debut model, Mattel released the Diva Starz Fashion Dolls. While generally identical to the original line, these dolls have clothing made of fabric, and were thinner and had more accurate proportions. Also, the dolls will speak recorded phrases when a button on their backs is pushed. This collection of dolls did not include the Summer doll, but instead introduced the Miranda doll.

    With the introduction of the fashion doll, the robot dolls fell drastically in popularity, and Mattel discontinued them. After a few successful seasons with the fashion dolls, they to began to drop in popularity. In the end, Diva Starz soon became discontinued altogether, and Mattel went on to improving Barbie dolls and creating MyScene dolls.

    There were 8 dolls all together. link

    Hope this helps

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    Barbie Dolls????????????????????????????????

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