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Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands Q's?

Hi guys I was wondering if anyone knew some answers to my questions about my nintendo DS game, Harvset Moon Sunshine Islands. I am a boy, it is year 3 in the winter, and I have 11 sunstones. I have 2 chickens, a cat, dog, horse, sheep, and cow. I have a maker shed with nothing in it, and a basic supply shed. I have a doubled upgrade house. Here are my Questions:

1. How do I get the things to make accesories in chen's/charlie's shop?

2. How do I get rid of tree stumps in my field?

3. I have 11 sun stones, how many does it take to get another island? (I have the sprite island only)

4. How do I get the things Gannon wants, to make the yogurt maker or cheese maker or any maker?

5. what is the prettiest wallpaper? I know it sounds funny but I want the best!

6. Will more harvest sprites come if I give the ones I have gifts?

7. why is gold lumber the best for making fences? Is the only benifit that it looks prettier?

8. Finally, even though I have seen two of the heart scenes with another girl and boy, can I marry the girl or is she taken?

Thank you for reading and please answer!!! :)

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    1. In the Volcano Island Mine, you can raise it for 8 Sun Stones when you tap the shrine on Meadow Island (it also brings Lily and Will to the Islands)

    2. You have to add a Wonderful to your Axe (you can get these by cooking a very long complicated recipe or win them in Festivals)

    3. Animal Island takes 10, Volcano takes 8, Mystic takes 12, Mushroom takes 12 and Link takes three, but I would raise Link Island later on because you need to raise other islands to use it and build a lot of bridges. Otherwise, you can choose which one you'd like.

    4. In the Volcano Island Mine, which you have to raise, on the tenth floor.

    5. There are pictures here:

    6. Yes, they really like grasses that correspond to their color and flour from Chen's.

    7. When there is a storm the fence protects fruit trees on Fruit Island from falling down. Lumber only protects the tree for one day, Material Stone protects for a bit longer, but Golden Lumber protects forever. But if you mean to protect your animals from walking away then stone or wood works just as well.

    8. If you have only seen two rival heart events, yes you can still marry the girl only if you avoid the third one carefully.

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    Fogu Sunshine Islands

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    1.You make accessories out of Orichalcum ore found in the mine after you unlock Volcano Island.

    2.It will just disappear anytime.

    3.-Link Island costs 3 Sun Stones

    -Mystic Islands You need to use 12 Sun Stones

    -Mushroom Islands 12 Sun Stones to unlock

    -Volcano Island 8 Sun Stones to unlock

    -Animal Island 10 Sun Stones

    -After you have raised the main 15 islands, Wada will inform you, Agete, and the Harvest

    Goddess that Sunny Island has suddenly sunk to the bottom of the ocean! The Harvest

    Goddess explains that the same problem that affected the previous islands have now impacted

    Sunny Island, but she can stop the sinking from happening again. The goddess needs you to

    locate the remaining 30 Sun Stones and raise Sunny Island off of the ocean floor.

    4.You must have a maker shed and within it a cheese maker. This can be done by getting Gotz to

    build you the shed and having Siabarra Blacksmith make you the cheese maker with the

    adamantite from the 3rd mine.

    5.Really depends on what you like sorry but I cannot answer that Q.

    6.No, if you give harvest sprites gifts it makes their help for you more powerfull.

    7.If you use golden lumber they will never rot.

    8.You can still marry her, but you have to do all the requierments.

    hope this helped you heaps :)

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    I am going to recommend HM: Sunshine Islands. You cannot change the weather in Island of Happiness; it is what it is. Turning it off and restarting won't change it. Moving around stylus-only was difficult. It took a lot of practice and wasted items to finally master getting stuff into the shipping bin. Just getting through the morning in the first year without collapsing was a real challenge. Triggering event scenes in any HM game can be tricky, but for me, Happiness was brutal. People will move away in this game if you don't pay attention to them. After 3 game years, I finally quit out of frustration. In my opinion, Sunshine Island is the better choice; it seems like the glitches are fixed. You can move around without a stylus. Collecting Sun Stones to raise the Islands and bring more people to the island added a little more challenge and depth.

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    1)the mine on volcano island

    2)power up your axe with an orange wonderful( you cant do this with the first axe)

    3)you can see how many stones you need at the shrine on meadow island

    4)again the mine(10th floor)



    7)stone works the same as gold and costs less(except at tree island where gold is the best)

    8)no you have to veiw all the heart events and have all the sun stones asociated with her and her family

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