Ebay buyer payment through paypal account issue?

i have an account with bank of america and its linked to my paypal account, i listed a few items on ebay but i dont want the money to go into that account, i want it to go into my chase account, is there a special procedure/setting that can make this happen, i still want to keep my bank of america account as primary,but i want payments recieved from ebay via paypal to go into my chase account basically, thanks.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Add your Chase account to your paypal. (You can link more than one account).

    When you make money on ebay and people send you money via paypal, it will reside in your paypal account. To bring it to your bank account, you will 'withdraw" the money which is a transfer to a bank account. You can then pick which account it will go into, and it will take approx 3-4 days to make the transfer. (It will come in as an ACH transaction, similar to your direct deposit or how you make a credit card payment from you bank account).

    Feel free to PM if you have any other questions.

    Source(s): eBay powerseller
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