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Download music from Spotify?

Think Spotify's looks quite interesting for streaming and listening to music; they do have quite a large library of songs where I could find whatever I like.

But also been wondering if it's in any way possible to download or save music from Spotify?

I mean it's great that you can stream music to the computer and stuff, but I'd also like to get some music on my cell phone.Since it's not one of the supported ones, would be pretty cool if it was actually possible to download and save Spotify music streaming for later listening on my cell as well.

You guys got any idea on how to download music from Spotify?

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    To make it even easier for you and to cut the story short on this whole how to download Spotify music deal, I think also your best bet is to use some sound recorder app to capture and record Spotify music streaming to your hard disk and then transfer the music recorded from Spotify to your cell or mp3 player or anything like this.

    You can use, for example, this Audials piece of software:

    You can also find it if you check out Kyle's suggestions on how to record Spotify and seems it also works as a Spotify Recorder.

    Didn't use it myself to capture record and save Spotify music streaming to mp3 tracks cause I am not that much into the whole Spotify streaming subscription thing.

    Since you are interested to figure this out, suppose you can just try it yourself to see how the Spotify recorder works to record Spotify music streaming to mp3 tracks.

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    9 years ago

    Not really sure if you can download and save mp3 music from Spotify.

    I don't use Spotify but as far as I heard it only gives you online music streaming not the possibility to download Spotify tracks to your hard drive as well.

    There seems to be a huge hype around this whole Spotify music streaming service, think I remember I read a while back that they were going to strike a deal with facebook and make some sort of Spotify facebook music streaming service or something like this.

    Who knows, maybe something good's gonna come out of this after all.

    Anyhow, suppose this still won't change anything on whether you can download mp3 music tracks from Spotify or not.

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    Download From Spotify

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    Think it's a bit tricky and time wasting to actually try to capture or download music streaming from Spotify or anything like this.

    Probably, though I might be wrong, they have some sort of protection on the music they stream online that would not let you download Spotify music streams straight from them.

    Not really sure though how the locally cached Spotify files work; suppose you can start digging round your computer for Spotify cache and have a look at how the files are cached there but I dunno what you can use to capture, decode and save Spotify mp3 music tracks from there.

    Dunno, might be an alternate solution to trying to download Spotify music streaming to mp3s straight from them.

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    9 years ago

    There are a couple of solutions you could use to record and download Spotify music streaming to mp3 tracks, the easy way that does not involve looking around for cache to save Spotify streams to mp3 from there or anything like this of course.

    This should also be helpful, I think:

    Simple search on how to record Spotify to mp3 and can come up with plenty of solutions for capturing or recording streaming music from Spotify that you can look at to solve your problem.

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    Would probably be easier for you to just get one of them supported devices for Spotify streaming and be done with it faster than trying to figure out how to download and save mp3 music from Spotify, at least that's what I would probably do.

    Anyhow, surprisingly enough you can actually find some tutorials on how to download music from spotify on youtube, like these for example:

    Saw there are plenty of videos on how to download and save Spotify music streaming, might be a couple solutions that are worth checking out.

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    9 years ago

    You mean you want to download or save streaming music from Spotify?

    Bummer, not possible to download Spotify music streaming as far as I know.

    You can streams and listen to Spotify tracks online and other such stuff but as far as the whole downloading Spotify streaming tracks goes, nope no chance of being able to do that.

    Suppose you can get one of the supported devices if you wanna be able to stream Spotify music to mobile or anything like this.

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    9 years ago

    Boy, you guys sure like to complicate things.I do not see the point in trying to figure out how to capture and download Spotify music streaming straight from them when you can just take the easy way out.

    I am pretty sure you can just record and save streaming music from Spotify to mp3 tracks easier and faster. Just record Spotify mp3 music straight from the sound card, while it's streamed online or something like this.

    Sounds way easier to me to record mp3s from Spotify than any other possible solutions to your little problem.

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    9 years ago

    Suppose recording Spotify to mp3 should do the trick, though that sound recorder will not do that much for you.

    At least, in win 7 no chance of getting it to work to record and save streaming music from Spotify, possibly you can get it to work in win xp if you still have that on your computer.

    Anyhow, as far as I recall not really that worth the trouble to record and save Spotify online streaming music with this one because you will not get any decent quality.

    You should look for some real sound recorder piece of software, that can at least record streaming music from Spotify to mp3 tracks in decent worth using for playback quality.

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    9 years ago

    Agreed that you should move on from finding out how to download music from Spotify to how to record and convert Spotify music streaming to mp3 tracks. No real chance for you to catch and download music straight from Spotify.

    Plenty of sound recorder apps that can record streaming music from sound card or actually any kind of sounds you can hear from your computer's speakers.

    I dunno if this trick still works, but as far as I recall windows came with a built in sound recorder that was also able to record whatever you played through your sound card.

    Who knows, it might also work to record and save streaming music from Spotify and save to computer as wma or whatever format that one works with.

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