Thomas calculus vs Stewart Calculus?

Which calculus textbook is the best,

Thomas calculus or Stewart calculus?

I'm not asking about any particular edition but rather a general perception about two authors on the same subject.


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  • 10 years ago
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    Thomas calculus has more modern style which incorporates students into understanding it without any difficulty, it like da easier way of learning calculus, i wud highly recommend thomas cuz of its unique system of understanding.

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  • maza
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    4 years ago

    i grew to become into going to declare that that's achievable you may pass in case you have been notably drone like as a pupil and took each and every thing anybody reported without question and as actuality, yet quite that would not even enable you. every physique may well be previous perplexed in this course in the event that they don't comprehend what a by-product is, not to show an necessary. a number of the path is vectors, yet something is a challenge of in case you are able to truly understand the calculus sufficient to write down and choose which necessary is the appropriate one needed for specific purposes. are you able to try this? probable not in case you do not even understand integrals. Even scholars that have taken calc a million and a couple of somewhat carry close the assumption, calc 3 may well be a very complicated type if your college isn't undemanding sufficient. It in basic terms shouldn't artwork out in spite of the undeniable fact that for many every physique. decide it sluggish table and make some sacrifices, failing a type may well be stupid this early on.

  • 10 years ago

    i've used stewart throughout my years in university (ubc). all my profs recommend and use it.

    edit: i like it as well. it gives you detailed explanations and if that doesnt make sense, a couple of examples to guide you through it. i feels thomas is a bit dull compared to stewart, but maybe thats just me..

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