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? asked in Society & CultureLanguages · 9 years ago

English to Vietnamese favour?

So, the other evening I went to this bar (probably more like a Bia om/brothel) in Saigon.

Anyway, this incredibly beautiful, young girl sat next to me and, after a game of pool and countless drinks we ended up at my place.

Anyway, I've been seeing her quite a lot since then and I really like her.

Problem is, it's difficult to trust these girls. Although I'm fairly young (29), have an acceptable appearance and a fair amount of money at my disposal, it is always difficult to know what these girl are actually after.

So yesterday evening we had a minor argument because I asked her whether she would stop working in the bar. Obviously, I don't like that. She said yes, but I'd have to pay her USD 1500 a month so that she could support her family.

This kind of annoyed me. Obviously she needs to support her family and the job she's doing at the moment rakes in quite a bit of cash I would imagine. If she were my girlfriend I'd do my best to provide support, but it did somewhat annoy me that she could put an instant price-tag on our relationship.

Anyway, I'll spare you the details.

My problems is that my Vietnamese is basically non-existent and I would like to send her a text message.

Would somebody be so kind and translate this into Vietnamese for me?

I'll be happy to transfer a few bucks to you PayPal account if it's too much of an effort:

This is what I'd like to say:

Kim, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings yesterday. I love your beauty, and if it is realistic to say this after the few days we have known each other, I also think I love you as a person. You are funny, intelligent and as far as I can tell an honest person. I apologise for my mistrust, but maybe you can understand that it is not always easy to trust people in your profession.

I hope we can talk about this again sometime and find a solution. I have paid yesterday's bar fine and will pay it again today if you feel like talking. I really like you Kim and hope this is not the end.

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    Kim, xin lỗi em nếu hôm qua anh làm em buồn. Anh yêu nét đẹp của em và cũng thích em sau khi mình biết nhau vài ngày, nếu đây là điều thực tế mà nói. Em tức cười, thông minh và lương thiện. Anh xin lỗi đã không tin em nhưng em nên thông cảm khó tin được những người hành nghề như em.

    Anh mong mình có thể bàn chuyện này trong tương lai và tìm ra giải pháp. Hôm qua anh đã trả lệ phí phạt cho bar và sẽ trả nữa nếu em muốn mình nói chuyện. Anh rất thích em Kim ơi và mong chuyện mình không chấm dứt nơi đây.

    OK, dude. She got your wrapped around her fingers. Damn it, you said and I quote "it is not always easy to trust people in your profession." That's right. Do NOT trust her. She is after your money. These girls are pro. You only end up getting hurt.

    This translation is free but next ones there will be a fee.

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  • ric
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    3 years ago

    The conversing/listening vs. e book gaining wisdom of seems to artwork out extra acceptable so some distance as having remember fees quickly sufficient to sound fluent while conversing with others. What i've got heard quite some my worldwide-student friends will do merely before coming over it particularly is to initiate gazing any American television shows they could discover. . . i assume that they should nevertheless have the English audio song and be subtitled of their community language (?) . . . and artwork on the fundamentals that they already found out that way. Do you have any television shows coming in like that the place you reside, or consistent with hazard any person-friendly accessibility to a number of DVD's that could have English audio tracks/subtitles for you to use? you at the instant are not inevitably going to be taught grammatically-maximum appropriate conversing like that, even though it might look to rigidity your techniques to be waiting to think of without postpone sufficient to maintain up. you may then bypass to books in case you desire to get extra acceptable on the finer factors of English grammar. . . which look to without postpone be going by using the wayside in modern utilization, i might upload.

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