Christians, why is religion, life and God such a mystery?

I was raised christian. But I don't want to be the type that just blindly follows whatever religion is taught to them at birth. So I've been looking at all the religions in the world and there are just so many. So what makes you so sure christianity is right and all other religions are wrong? I've read the Bible alot but honestly I don't like reading it because it's hard to understand and I've come to realize almost all stories in the Bible are symbolism. For instance, in the story of Noah's ark, when God flooded the Earth to kill all the wicked people, why did God go through all the trouble of having Noah build an ark and have 2 of every animal on board when God can just simply snap his finger and all the wicked people would just die? There's simply no need for a flood when God has such amazing power.

Anyway, I believe the Bible does not hold the whole truth. I believe alot of the religions in the world have a slice of truth to them. It's like a big puzzle. But why is it such a mystery? If I was raised as an atheist, and someday I decided to believe in God, I would start to look at all the religions in the world so I could pick one to go along with but there are just so many and how would I know which is the right one? So I would probably just not believe in God at all because of the amount of options.

I think all religions are man made, so what if I just believe in God but no religions?

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    the problem is you have not received the Spirit of God, because you have not believed in your heart the word of God.

    listen what God is doing among those who believe.....

    Source(s): you must be born again before you can see, or enter the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is now.
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    you can make up your own truth and god, but that does not make them true or real

    truth is truth, and Christianity is different than all other faiths.

    every other religion on earth depends on what you do to get where you go or what you get, Christianity depends on what someone else did.

    also you need to look at what supports a religion, and what it promises

    this is where the Bible and Jesus are in a different place above the rest

    and the proof

    There is a massive amount of proof for the Bible being true

    Fulfilled prophecy-

    1/3 of the whole Bible is prophecy, 2/3 of that has happened

    No other book on earth can say that. People of all different backgrounds separated by hundreds and thousands of years, different languages, and countries, writing what would happen.

    Miracles- they happen all the time

    Answered prayers

    Changed lives


    The order of the universe

    Eyewitness evidence

    Outside source evidence

    Archeological evidence

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    8 years ago

    As far as the flood - God works the way He wants, He doesn't answer to us. Besides, maybe He was leaving the boat on top of Mt. Ararat for a reason later on - for those of us who would ask these things.

    Also, it's two of every kind - a small difference, but it means there were only 2 big cats for example (we know how natural selection works, so we could get other species from them)

    God doesn't ask you to believe Him blindly. He tells us to seek with all our hearts if we really want to know Him. And Paul exhorts us to always be able to give an account for why we believe what we believe.

    As far as mystery - He IS God after all. If we really understood Him completely would he really be God? He'd just be a figment our own minds created - something WE could understand because we created it. He created US though, so we aren't going to understand everything. A little child doesn't understand what an adult knows either - with God the gap is just wider.

    As far as just believing in God, but no religions - Jesus said that He alone was the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No other religion has a holy man who makes this claim. Also all other religions have some premise of earning one's way to God or finding you yourself to be your own God. Quite different from Christianity. We cannot earn our way to a holy God and therefore God had to make a provision for us. This actually makes a lot of sense. If God is perfect and holy, even the best of humans could never be good enough to "earn" a place with God.

    Looking at all the other religions - I've noticed people who were sincerely interested in finding the Truth and asked to find it, DID find it and chose Christ. Those who just followed something that made sense to them, or that they liked, etc. chose to believe something else. No matter how we are raised we have the option of asking God to reveal the Truth to us.

    A good reference to look at is called The Case for Christ. I like the DVD personally, but it also a book. An atheist reporter investigated the claims of Christ himself.

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    Well what you need to do is search for truth not religion. There is a huge difference. I am a christian, but I do not go to church like Harvest or many churches because what they teach is wrong. They lead people astray. Why? Because they are PEOPLE, not God. People are the ones who ruin things, not God. In the Bible it says to be aware of false prophets, therefore you should carefully listen to those who say they believe. The pathway to heaven is narrow, but the pathway to hell is broad. That is because it is so much easier to live on your own terms, and not God's. Sure there are plenty of other religions out there, but only one can be right. If you take the time to study each religion, you will understand, but people will not do that. They will listen to a story from the bible, and then throw their hands in the air and go "ugh! rubbish!" Another thing you have to remember is that there is not only God, but Satan as well. And you have to remember that his purpose is to seperate man from God, because he is going to hell anyways so he is trying to drag as many people along with him. He is the master of deception, and he will do whatever it takes to make sure people dont believe in God. Take a look around you. There is proof everywhere that the prophecy of the end of time is near. Disasters around the world, the economy in a state of collapse, a new world order in store. Only a few people know the truth because the majority of society is blind. Take the time to research and you will seek the truth.

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    I think that God is man made, in a sense. That is, man started thinking about how huge this universe is, and how life and intelligence are on this Planet Earth, and possibly on many others.

    But the idea of life ( a spirit like substance) and intelligence coming from matter, (space dust from exploded stars) did not exactly make any sense. (and still doesn't).

    How could " life" and " intelligence" come from "matter"? Rocks do not contain either.

    So man then thought about a super being, a supernatural being that is, and so God came into being.

    That is not to say that God does NOT exist, for by following above logic, it is highly possible that some form of intelligent energy created living things, using life and intelligence as a means to allow these living things to grow and procreate.

    How is it that "matter", a non living nor intelligent substance, can create living things, all with intelligence? I don't think it is possible. But a godly energy, with both life and intelligence, could do these things.

    So, Man just naturally, came up with the only viable solution to our creation.....a GOD..

    But man, who is arrogant and does not want to admit that something greater then he (man) could exist, disregards the fact that life and intelligence are both needed to make living things, and instead uses science as a means to solve the mystery of creation, which of course it hasn't done as yet.

    YES, It would be fine to believe in the Creator, without using any religion.

    The means to the end is what is important, so whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish or whatever, the end results is what is important....the belief that there is in fact....

    A GOD.

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    It's good to believe in God, but what good does it do you if you believe in God and not act on the Bible? And the Bible is a mystery because he wants humans to actually look and search for him. He could've just said everything bluntly, but would your following him make any sense? you'd just be a sheep following the herdsman whereever he/she goes. Also, Christianity is more than a religion, it's a lifestyle. We live out Christianity. We don't just go to church every Sunday and say grace before meals etc. We are active participants in God's work for the better of humans.

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    8 years ago

    There is so much evidence that God is real, have little look in the book of revelation about what will happen in the last days. Everything that had been written about the last days thousands of years ago is happening right now as we speak. God loves you so much and has created you for a purpose. Dont fall for what the devil is trying to sell. I always wondered the same thing .. like why wouldnt God just do something simple like snap his finger and it happened. But in the bible it talks about how our minds cant even imagine what God thinks. We know 1% of Gods knowledge so this is where God tests our faith and trust in Him. Hang in there hun xx

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    8 years ago

    Well where is there any proof that God exist they gave people no choice you believe in God or die executed them in humane torture for stealing a slice of bread cut off their hands or stoned them to death plucked out their eyes because they made them sin or said they were posed by the devil, demon or evil sprit and burned them at the stake The devil does not exist it is a Christian illusion of the mind. A God nobody could see or exist ask for proof they have none only their Bible full of myths written by man not by their God.

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    8 years ago

    You can't believe in God without believing in Jesus. If you believe in God but not Jesus then you actually believe in a "god". Not the real and true God. When you get down to it, Christianity isn't a religion. Religions say do this and not this and maybe you will get to heaven. But we say have faith in Jesus and let Him change you.

  • 8 years ago

    You are right. Christianity does not have the whole truth.

    Christians don't have absolute truth because even among themselves, they cannot agree on what is "true doctrine".

    megachurches (some christians say it's unbiblical, some say it is)

    tongues (some christians say it's unbiblical, some say it is)

    healings (some christians say it's unbiblical, some say it is)

    method of baptism (some christians say compulsory to baptise in water, some say no)

    denomination (some christians say it's unbiblical, some say it is)

    predestination (some christians say it's unbiblical, some say it is)

    person of jesus (some christians say he's god, some say no)

    trinity concept (some christians say it's unbiblical, some say it is)

    nature of heaven, hell, resurrection and ascension (some christians say it's physical, some say it is spiritual)

    communion process (differing views)

    salvation of non-christian (some christians say it's unbiblical, some say it is)

    version of bible to use (some christians say NIV's unbiblical, some say it is)

    interpretation of verses

    what is considered sinful

    use of rock music (some christians say it's unbiblical, some say it is)

    once saved always saved doctrine (some christians say it's unbiblical, some say it is)

    rapture (some christians say it's unbiblical, some say it is)

    prosperity gospel (some christians say it's unbiblical, some say it is)

    women preachers (some christians say it's unbiblical, some say it is)

    number of books in the bible

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