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How to become a cattle rancher?

I know the definition of hard work, but have no experience with cattle ranching. I would love to get a job as a ranch hand, but do I need experience to do this? Please answer.

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    YES. A body can't just get into the cattle business and expect to know everything about cows or cattle ranching. There's FAR more to cattle ranching than just riding a horse and herding cattle! There are things like pasture management, calving, breeding and weaning management, herd health and vaccination programs, nutritional programs, not to mention fixing fence and machinery. You have to be your own accountant and bovine whisperer, as well as a vet when an animal gets sick or goes down.

    So I would suggest either getting yourself a mentor that already has experience with cattle ranching and such and work for him or with him for a year or two to get your feet wet, or work at a dude ranch for a few months and bombard the cowhands and ranchers that actually work there with as many questions as you can think of, as well as working side-by-side with them.

    And yes, you need land, feed and fences before you can ever get your cattle if you want to be a rancher.

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    feed , water, cows and a horse

    decide milk ranch or steak ranch

    there is goat and pig ranches too

    wake up early and work hard

    it is easyer and cheaper to go to college!

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