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What would your kids be named? (8)?

A lot of people are doing this and I'm bored so I thought I'd give it a shot... I tried not to repeat any names...

Girl #1:

Eye Color

Blue: Savannah

Brown: Madelyn

Hazel: Hannah

Black: Paige

Other: Alexis

Middle name starts with an E.

Girl #2:

Favorite Color:

Green: Arabella

Blue: Isabella

Yellow: Annabella

Orange: Maci

Purple: Grace

Black: Jamie

White: Gabriella

Red: Natalie

Pink: Rachael

Middle name is your choice. :)

Girl #3:

Favorite Sport:

American Football: Samantha

Basketball: Aubriana

Soccer: Nicole

Swimming: Mariah

Golf: Elliana

Softball: Farrah

Baseball: Danielle

Gymnastics: Serena

Middle name starts with a T.

Girl #4:

Hair Color:

Black: Kiara

Orange/Red: Sarah

Blonde: Cheyenne

White: Jessica

Gray: Brianna

Pink: Jaliyah

Brown: Leah

Other: Rhiannon

Middle name is your choice. :)

Boy #1

Favorite Candy:

Skittles: James

Starburst: Landon

Sprees: Alexander

SweedishFish: Tyler

FunDip: Jeremy

BabyBottlePop: Justin

LaffyTaffy: Christopher

Sweetarts: Wesley

Other: Keegan

Middle name starts with an M.

Boy #2:

Favorite Chocolate Bar:

Hershey: Reese

Snickers: Michael

Heath: Jacob

Milkyway: Jon/Jonathon

Watchamacallit: Joel

Reeses: Marshall (it's not really a bar but...)

KitKat: Cory

Other: Gabriel

Middle name is your choice. :)

Boy #3:

Favorite Show:

NCIS: Ralph

16andPregnant: Austin

Teen Mom: Ryan

House: Gregory

Grey's Anatomy: Derek

Gene Simmons Family Jewels: Nicholas

Middle name starts with an E

Boy #4:

Favorite Old Kids Show:

Flintstones: Fred

Rugrats: Phillip

Jetsons: Spencer

Dragon Tales: Max

Rocket Power: Maurice

Scooby-Doo: Blake

Full House: Jesse

Middle name is your choice. :)


My answers:

Savannah Evelyn

Arabella Jeanne

Aubriana Taylor

Sarah Marie

James Michael

Marshall Matthew

Ryan Elliott

Max Landon


Oh for some of them like the shows the names come from that specific show.

Update 2:

If you're going to be stupid/ignorant/just can't read don't bother to answer. :)


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    Savannah Elizabeth

    Gabriella Claire

    Serena Taleen

    Leah Noelle

    James Matthew

    Marshall William

    Ryan Ethan

    Max Connor

    we have 4 in common! haha crazy


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  • 9 years ago

    Eye Color: Hazel.

    1. Hannah Ellie

    Favorite Color: Black.

    2. Jamie Lynn

    Favorite Sport: Swimming.

    3. Mariah Taylor

    Hair Color: Blonde.

    4. Cheyenne Lee

    Favorite Candy: Skittles.

    1. James Max

    Favorite Candy Bar: Snickers.

    2. Micheal Andre

    Favorite Show: 16 and Pregnant.

    3. Austin Eddy

    Favorite "Old Kids" Show: Full House.

    4. Jesse James

    Source(s): MY OPINIONS :P
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  • Marcie
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    9 years ago

    Girl 1: Madelyn Evette

    Girl 2; Isabella Sofia

    Girl 3: Mariah Tamara

    Girl 4: Leah Ann

    Boy 1; Jeremey Matthew

    Boy 2: Cory Anthony

    Boy 3; Ryan Edward

    Boy 4: Max Daniel

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  • 9 years ago

    Girl #1: Alexis Evangeline

    Girl #2: Arabella Skye

    Girl #3: Aubriana Teagan

    Girl #4: Leah Grace

    Boy #1: Christopher Myles

    Boy #2: Michael Blake

    Boy #3: Gregory Elijah

    Boy #4: Phillip Scott

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  • 9 years ago

    Savannah Emmaline

    Arabella Rosalie

    Aubriana Twiggy

    Leah Sophia

    Jeremy Mason

    Gabriel Asher

    Austin Ezekiel

    Jesse Gaige

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  • 9 years ago

    Girl #1: Alexis Eveanglene

    Girl #2: Maci Cambria

    Girl #3: Samantha Avery

    Girl #4: Sarah Adeline

    Boy #1: Jeremy Maksim

    Boy #2: Gabriel Jerome

    Boy #3: Ryan Elijah

    Boy #4: Blake Parker

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  • 9 years ago

    Girl #1- Savannah Elaine

    Girl #2- Annabella Renee

    Girl #3- Mariah Teagan

    Girl #4- Cheyenne Kate

    Boy #1- Jeremy Mitchell

    Boy #2- Cory Reese

    Boy #3- Derek Eli

    Boy #4- Jesse Duke


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Hannah Elizabeth

    Isabella Rose

    Aubriana Teagan

    Leah Marie

    Keegan Madden

    Gabriel Landon

    Ryan Emmett

    Phillip James


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  • 1. Alexis Emmelina

    2. Isabella Jayde

    3. Aubriana Tye

    4. Leah Jais

    5. James Makai

    6. Reese Alexander

    7. Ralph Elijah

    8. Phillip Shay


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Madelyn Elizabeth

    Rachael Marie

    Elliana Taylor

    Leah Michelle

    Landon Matthew

    Cory Nicholas

    Gregory Ethan

    Jesse Sean

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  • 9 years ago

    Alexis Eliana

    Arabella Peyton

    Farrah Tatum

    Cheyenne Kyler

    Keegan Mitchell

    Jacob Shane

    Ryan Everett

    Max Stone

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