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a book about a girl with leukemia?

I read a book in middle school about this one girl who has leukemia... I remember reading that it was like a second part to a first book so im not sure how the first book is but the one i read (second part) her boyfriend decides to take her away from her family and on a romantic vacation just the two of them before she dies. i loved that book but i cant remember what it's called... help please


got the answer of "a walk to remember"... i thought of it first but no its not that one, i have that book and movie but its not it... this one the guy takes her out of town for her last few months i think... thank u for answering but a walk to remember is not the one

Update 2:

got the answer of "a walk to reme

Update 3:

not my sister's keeper either... its a girl with leukemia and her boyfriend takes her on a long road trip before she dies... my sister's keeper is nothing like that and a walk to remember is about a girl who has leukemia and this guy falls in love with her and they spend her last months together... its neither one of those

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    It sounds familiar to me... I saw the movie of My Sister's Keeper which also has a book but they both end differently, so I'm thinking it's that one but if it's not, then you should absolutely read it or watch the movie sometime. It's very good, sad and heartbreaking.

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    A Walk to Remember with Mandy Moore and Shane West! Best movie and book!

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    sorry idk that book but i do think I have a rreally good book for you. It's called After ever after. It's about an 8th grader who him and his best friend both survive leukemia. The main c meets a girl and his girlfriend and his bff are both acting wierd. His bff stopped training to walk across the 8th grade graduation and his gf is keeping something from him but what? I really enjoyed this book and i think you will too.

    p.s can you check out my prolouge for my book and tell me what you think?


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    A walk to remember

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    I am really sure it is My Sister's Keeper

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