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Will i pass my drug test?

im an 18 year old afr amer male and on jun 15 2011 i smoked about four puffs of regular weed (dont even think i inhaled it right lol) and before that i smoked like two months earlier (like 8-10 puffs) i dont smoke regularly, i guess i have a fast metabolism because i eat more than others usually and i am 5 5 149 pounds. i have been drinking some cranberry juice and a little water and have drug test in two days. will i pass?


urine test

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    For that little amount:

    Urine: detection about 1-6 days but 2 weeks to be really confident to pass

    Hair test: more likely to pass than fail. (Hair tests are not good at one time use.)

    Mouth swab: definitely pass. For marijuana in saliva its 1 to 6 hours; heavy use 12-24 hours. Don't know why some assume it's weeks or months; its not.

    Below is pasted answer from another question, with links on realistic detection times.


    Yeah D.A.R.E. has a tendency to spew BS every chance it gets.

    If you are asking how long to get every THC metabolite from your weed out of your system it could take months; some can be trapped in hair for at least that long.

    But if you just want to know how long before you will likely pass a urine test; then about a week to two weeks to be relatively confident to pass.

    Below is an answer I posted to someone else, with links on typical rates of detection times etc.


    Working out: BIG EFFECT. (It has been shown repeatedly that high levels of exercise will speed up ones metabolism and expel THC metabolites from fat cells at accelerated rate. The key is to stop exercising a week before urine test; it's better to leave remaining THC metabolites locked in fat cells than risk having them end up in urine sample.)

    Metabolism: BIG, BIG EFFECT (It has been proven over and over again, the faster your metabolism, the faster the remaining THC metabolites will be expelled from your body. A fat person with slow metabolism can expect 2x to 10x as long to drop THC metabolites below detectable levels. In scientific terms; that's a significant difference.)

    Skinny just means a sign that you have a fast metabolism; so generally speaking, the younger and skinnier you are, the faster your metabolism is likely to be.)

    Positive results for THC metabolites in urine tests beyond 30 days is EXTREMELY rare; even for heavy smokers.

    Also dilute any home urine drug test kit enough and it will show negative for any drug. So here drinking excess fluids on the day of test DOES matter. It matters a great deal. (You won't be able to fool a lab though so easily.)

    I never understood the wisdom of drinking excess fluids weeks and days before a drug test for marijuana use; the THC metabolites are fat soluble, and all data suggests it would make no difference. I could however understand why drinking excess fluids daily would be helpful if you didn't know when you would be tested; it's better to flush system continually in case of test being unannounced or on short notice. (Now it won't hurt to drink more than normal amounts so you may want to try; but it probably isn't doing any good; at least the data doesn't show it matters. And be careful not to drink ridiculous amounts because you can die from water intoxication.)

    Niacin has mixed results but I guess it can't hurt to try. The second link has detailed information on success rates for various common tricks (including niacin) to fool a drug test; how good any of them are is questionable.

    Below are two links that explain realistic detection times and more about the tests. There facts are fairly accurate and consistent with other studies and sites.

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    Yes you will pass if it's a urine test, a hair test you will flunk. A mouth swab test you will also flunk

    The standard for the urine test is high for THC because of possible second hand smoke.

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    If its a urine test you can pass it easily.... but its hard to say that you can pass a hair or mouth swab, most probably the chances to flunk...... :-(

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