Yaoi fans: What's your opinion on...?

What's your opinion on real person slash? For example, the canon relationship between Jack and Ianto in Torchwood or those two guys in Glee.

I've seen plenty of people who are self proclaimed yaoi fans yet find the thought of it disgusting in real life.

If you don't like it would be it be enough to stop you watching the series? Even if it's not the main aspect of the show?

I'm just curious, I suppose.

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  • Hisaki
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    9 years ago
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    I don't find real person slash interesting to watch/follow, but I don't hate it either. I haven't actually see western (European or American) real person slash but I saw quite lot of slash action in J-Rock and Japanese visual kei music video or concert, for example Miyavi, Dir~en~Grey etc. and I just watch it without it calling out my yaoi fangirl persona so perhaps I though of real person slash as just something usual and not something to go fangirling.

    I think I'm one of those people who can be open minded to lots of thing since I didn't react negatively even to real gay p**n video that I see accidentally a few times on the net, or perhaps I just didn't really care about lots of thing so I don't bother reacting. I just though "Oh~ so this is what a real person yaoi is like" when I saw it.

    If I watch any (real person/non animation) series that contain canon relationship between two guys, I think most likely I'll still continue watching. For me the most important aspect in movie or film series that make me want to watch or not is the story, I'll continue watching if the story is good/interesting but I won't watch it is I think the story is a crap, the two guys canon is just some fanservice that won't make watching it interesting if it doesn't have good plot.

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  • 9 years ago

    IMO, I honestly prefer to steer away from real person slash fan fiction mostly because the people are REAL and not cartoons who we'll never know in real life.

    I've never really read any of these slashes myself but it's a bit awkward for me because even if the people who are writing the slashes are talking about the characters, I have a hard time separating real life characters from their actors. So it's like I'm hearing about the actors doing #$%& and that's what's weird.

    For anime characters, it's not like they're people in real life so it's less awkward to read about them in slashes.

    So to sum it all up:

    anime yaoi = non fictional characters AND people and the person doesn't feel guilty reading about them doing anything because they're not real.

    real life yaoi = awkward and weird because the non fictional character is portrayed by a REAL person and so even if you're reading about their character, you'd still be imagining the actor doing some unimaginable things with some other actor and you'd feel a sense of guilt and sort of like some sick pervert who fantasizes about random people doing it with each other.

    And if I don't like it, I just don't read it. I actually haven't read any before but I've heard of these things. But if I WERE to read one, I think I'd feel a bit embarrassed while watching a series (never seeing the character the same again), depending on how intense the slash fan fiction was.

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  • Mushi
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    9 years ago

    well I actually don't care. I am a yaoi fan and I am not against any gay relationships. it does not matter, if I see it on a TV series, movie, live etc etc. I remember that while looking for yaoi I ended up finding some pics from movies with actors kissing. The one that struck me the most was the picture of Vincent D'Onofrio kissing another guy. When I searched youtube for that particular part, I was amazed hahaha. So, I do not see him any different.

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