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Describe era 1875-1900?

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    it is known as the "Guilded Age" (sometimes spelled "Gilded") and is a dutch word for "gold". It was an era of the Barons of Capitalism; ironic too because out of these Barons were all born within a 10 year time frame. Listed here is their rank on the list, (with their name and then year of birth) of the 10,000 wealthiest people as recorded historically that includes the like of Cleopatra, Alexander the Great among others.

    01. John Rockefeller, 1839.

    02. Andrew Carnegie, 1835.

    28. Frederick Weyerhaeuser, 1834.

    33. Jay Gould, 1836.

    34. Marshall Field, 1834.

    35. George Baker, 1840.

    36. Hetty Green, 1834.

    44. James G. Fair, 1831.

    54. Henry H. Rogers, 1840.

    57. J.P. Morgan, 1837.

    58. Oliver Payne, 1839.

    62. George Pullman, 1831.

    64. Peter Widener, 1834.

    65. Philip Armor, 1832.

    This should add an interesting flare to your paper. Best of luck!


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    Mile stones in between 1875-1900

    1876 End of Reconstruction

    Battle of Little Big Horn

    1877 Munn v. Illinois: Court rules states may regulate warehouse rates

    1879 Stand Oil Trust formed

    1880s Big Business emerge

    1883 Railroad companies divide nation into four time zones

    Pendleton Civil Service Act

    1886 Haymarket Riots

    1887 Interstate Commerce Commission

    Davies Act

    1890 Sherman Anti-Trust Act

    Massacre at Wounded Knee

    Sherman Silver Purchase Act

    1890-1920 Fifteen million "new" immigrants

    1893 Repeal of Sherman Silver Purchase Act

    1895 Pollock v Farmers

    Court strikes down income tax

    1898 War with Spain

    Hawaii annexed

    1899 Peace with Spain, U. S. receives Philippines, Samoa, Guam, and Puerto Rico

    1900 Gold Standard.

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  • Anonymous
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    To me it sounds fun!

    saloons, outlaws, horses, gunfights, historical figures like Jesse and Frank James, Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid etc.

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  • 9 years ago

    Western expansion, gold rushes, "Indian Wars"

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    Crappy, boring, slave whippin

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