Why does love hurt so much? it's like it 's unfair.?

Lots of my friends seem in happy relationships, they are long term and are working, why is it that my relationship didn't work. Is there anyone else in the same situation?? And how do you move on??

By te way, my ex and i are best friends and we spend loads of time with each other everyday, and i still love her.

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  • 8 years ago
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    my friend i really wanna talk my things too, but dunno with whom, im in a relationship and my gf thinks that i dont talk that much, im a quite person, i dont smoke, no drinks and no club or something like that i hate them all, its been a week she doesnt talk to properly, she just got mad with me for no reasons, she does the things that i dont like to for ex smoking and drinking. it really kills me when i see her doin that. and its been a week or something like that i havent got a kiss no hugs, also she doent tell me that she doesnt love me or she has no intrest me, i dont even say anything to her caz i really love her, a week before she was so sticked with me but now i feel like im being pushed around and i dont feel like she love me anymore. im trying to make things good here ,But also im calmed down, im waiting till she make one more move , thats it after that im gonna ditch her i swear, ive had enough of this. I think my gf is behaving like this caz she knows that i love her very much, i can do anything for her, and i dont wanna loose her.so thats my problem i felt lil bit good telling this to someone, it was really deep inside of my heart. i tried to ask questions in yahooanswer but i gt no good reaction. do u have any suggestions?

    btw, if she doent love you then everytime u miss her or something like that dont look at her or try to think about her, just think that she hates you really bad, and also think that why care about someone if she doesnt give a **** about you? This really helps u, sooner or later u'll be able to move on. btw if she's still friend with you, dont tell her that u miss her or try to help her out , if u do that she's not gonna come back to u. react with her the way u react with ur friends, dont spend too much , let her miss you , if she really likes you , in time she'll come back to u.

    If u dont wanna go thru as a friend or if she doesnt wanna, try to ignore her too. this will help u forget her, but it will take time too, try to do friendship with other girls and try to find out the one who really has same intrest and who cares more of u .

    btw how old are you ? if u are young there are many girls you're gonna meet up in your life. May be god decides who meets whom ( god chooses ur partner). If its so then ull meet your perfect partner on time.

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  • 3 years ago

    I understand how you think. I'm so sorry. It hurts like no different soreness I've ever skilled and I've been converted right into a bloodless-hearted and imply man or woman since of it. I not suppose guys can love and it has affected close to all points of my existence. Time will make your crying much less and no more however it'll keep on with you and have an impact on your relationships ceaselessly. The first a couple of days is so difficult however simply maintain considering the opposite folks on your existence that love you. Kids? Parents? Siblings? Support out of your loved ones for the duration of this time is important and I propose you get out of the condominium and cross seek advice from them usually. If I hadn't had my 4 sisters, then I could not have got via it. Email me when you wish to vent or haven't any one else to speak to. Just getting it out could make you think higher.

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    8 years ago

    I think that because of all the people around you are in happy relationships you figure that it just happened like that and it was easy, like you didn't have to put any work into the relationship at all. Maybe the girl is scared of being in a relationship? Either way you have to ask her before she moves on. Trust me. If she says she doesn't still have feelings for you, maybe start to ween yourself away from her a bit. And start looking at other girls in that way?

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  • 8 years ago

    your relationship did not work because it was not the right time and it was not the right girl. You move on by keeping yourself busy talk to friends someone u trust , go out , focus on other things to keep ur mind off her. It takes time to heal a broken heart each day gets better. u should date other people .

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  • 8 years ago

    This sounds like me a little bit too, my girlfriend broke up with me yesterday. But honestly.. all I can say is it's tough and just try to think about other things, go hang out with friends, meet new girls(don't date them), but just keep your options open.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I used to be. Now i don't get serious in my relationships.

    It keeps me happy and tension free.

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