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What is Westell's Tech Support number?

I'm trying to get my Windows XP to wirelessly connect to my Westell 7500 Router, It told me I needed to download the driver. i tried to download the Driver and it wouldn't work, i looked on their website for the Tech Support # but I couldn't find one...i was hoping someone would know.

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    you will have to call your internet service providers.

    Corporate Headquarters

    Westell Technologies Inc.

    750 N. Commons Drive

    Aurora, IL 60504


    Fax: 630-375-4931

    Don't expect product support if your device was supplied by an ISP.

    if verizon is your isp the phone number is on the bill

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    Contact PC Smart Care and get high quality tech support with the help of Certified Technicians.Visit www.pcsmartcare to connect with technicians through live chat.

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    Westell 7500 Specs

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