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Why did the Democratic Republican Party drop the word Democratic from their name?

And in what year did they drop the word democratic?

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    They didn't. They dropped Republican from their name. The modern Republican Party was founded in 1854. It was a very good progressive, antislavery party but it has certainly deteriorated.

  • So, sorry, but you have it backwards.

    The two original parties were the Hamilton led Federalists and the Jefferson led Democratic-Republicans. The Federalists had a decided pro British slant (the Democratic-Republicans were similarly pro-French) and the War of 1812 proved to be the Federalists undoing, leaving the Democratic-Republican party as the sole viable party.

    This split into several splinter parties the most important of which was Andrew Jackson's American Democracy branch. This was a decidedly Jacksonian conservative party, with Jackson being very much a modern hero of the right wing.

    The liberal branches coalesced into the Whig Party which lasted for a few years until breaking up over abolition. In the wake of the demise of the Whig party came the decidedly Lefty Republican Party which promoted such socialist schemes as the Morrill Act, the Homestead Act, and the Trans-Continental Railroad.

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    The modern Republican Party was founded in 1854 to oppose the expansion of slavery into new states. Most northern Whigs defected to the new party. The name was chosen to harken back to Jefferson's party. Abraham Lincoln and other members sought to combine Jefferson's ideals of liberty and equality with Clay's program of using an active government to modernize the economy.[36] The modern ideological party division, with Republicans as the pro-business party and Democrats as the party of economic populism, originated at the time of the 1896 presidential election in which Republican William McKinley defeated Democrat William Jennings Bryan.

    The whole entry is interesting reading:

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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    They didn't. The early Democratic-Republican Party split into two factions during the 1820's. One part went populist with Andrew Jackson and became the Democrats. The other favored a more traditional approach to government and became the now-moribund Whigs under Henry Clay.

    The GOP was founded as a brand new party in 1854.

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    Democratic-Republican party disolved in 1830 and succeeded by the National Republican Party party which disolved in 1834 and succeeded by the Whig party which disolved in 1856 and finally it became the Republican Party !

    They dropped the word Democratic because their ideology based on the Republican values which give more freedom than the concept of Democracy!

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    by way of fact the innovations of the democratic occasion and the republican occasion are actually so very diverse, they did no longer prefer human beings to think of they have been linked with the democratic occasion.

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    they didn't. the democrat republican party is not the republican party of today which was formed in 1854.

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    They didn't. The word 'Republican' was dropped from their name in 1844.

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    never happened, you have your history turned around

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    when abraham lincoln became president he was the first republican presdient, the two parties split and then the civil war started

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