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Who started operation fast and furious?

US-Mexican relations, already strained by WikiLeaks, have been further stressed by the scandal of state-sponsored gun-trafficking

On 3 March, it was revealed that since 2008, the US Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) has allowed thousands of weapons to enter Mexico as part of an undercover operation aimed at uncovering arms trafficking networks in the United States. The operations, dubbed “Fast and Furious”, “Project Gunrunner” and “Wide Receiver”, infuriated US lawmakers and led to congressional hearings only days later. Testifying before Congress, American officials gave unequivocal positions: US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano denied having previous knowledge of the operations, while Attorney General Eric Holder admitted to knowing of the ATF’s gun-tracking tactics, but called cross-border gun-trafficking “not acceptable”. Both pledged further investigations.

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    it started under the bush adminstration, where they would sell guns to people who work for the cartel and then arrest then follow them and arrest them in america before they cross the border.

    when obama took over he would no longer arrest them and let them take the guns into mexico and then disspear till they are found on dead cartel people after they are used to kill americans, civilians, border patrol, cops etc...

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    there became a matching software under Bush, that became replaced and renamed rapid and livid under Obama. And guess what? It in order that got here approximately that this operation became botched on Obama's watch with the main incapable AG in American history.

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    Not the first time our government sold munitions and armaments to terrorists.

    The government wants them to kill us that way when we're scared shitless we will give up more of our freedoms.

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