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How to permenantly delete facebook account?

I deactivated my fb but i can still sign in. I dont want to be able to

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    You have to leave it for 2 weeks. If you don't sign in within that time it will be gone forever

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    Just deactivate it and then confirm it when they send an email to your email account and once you do that then just don't ever sign back into it, it is technically deleted once you do that but Facebook has the option that for people who change there mind can sign back in with the same information and it will reactivate your page, as long as you don't sign in, then you will be deactivated.

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    Deactivating your account does nothin really, because if you sign back in it is as if you never deleted it and everything is back to normal. Now there is a way to permanently delete your facebook account, it's buried deep in all the facebook help stuff, because they really don't want you to delete your account.

    Here is the link:

    After you go through all the stuff to delete your account, there is a 14 day grace period of where you can change your mind. Just don't log back in for 14 days and your account will be permanently deleted.

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    After deactivating your account you must wait 14 days before going back on or you will have to deactivate it again and again until you just wait 14 days without going on it, then you will never be able to sign in again.

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    Go here:

    Click "Submit" and follow the instructions.

    Your account will be deactivated for two weeks, and if you DO NOT USE FACEBOOK IN ANY WAY during that period, your account is permanently deleted.

    Your profile isn't deleted right away! You must NOT log in to, or interact in any other way with Facebook for at least two weeks, as it will cancel the deletion request. That includes NOT logging in to Facebook using any client (like the iPhone app or IM:s like Pidgin), NOT clicking embedded Like-buttons on other websites, NOT logging in to other services using Facebook Connect (like Digg) etc etc.

    While your're at it, delete all your browsing/forms history and cookies as well, to minimize the risk of accidentally using your account!

    This method is official and should be complete, i.e. no need to delete individual photos, comments, messages or items from your profile or anywhere else on Facebook!

    If you have any concerns whether your stuff is actually deleted (as opposed to being kept somewhere in the deep dungeons of Facbook's HQ) your best bet is to ask them using email:

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    I dont think you can do anymore, nobody can see it when it's deactivated

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    put a porn on your profile they will delete it for you :D

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    use this source and you can do it straight away

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