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After yearss of eating junk food, i feel really ill?

For the past 1-2 years iv basically lived on junk food. Micro meals, takeaways, etc. Iv had vegetables about twice in the past few years, and aint healthy at all.

Anyway its started to catch on, and i have awful skin, am always tired, headaches, going dizzy, having a constant upset stomache, feeling really sick, now im on holiday, and of course were gonna eat a lot of ****, but i feel really unbelievably ill all the time.

Iv decided to be healthier when i go home, but theres still 6 days left, is there anything you can take to make you feel better, or anything to see me through the week?

Cheers xx

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  • Frank
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    9 years ago
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    If you really want to feel better, you're going to have to face your real problem. You're not just eating junk. Based on your questions, you're drinking excessively and doing drugs.

    If you eat better and stop drinking and doing drugs for a month, you'll feel bad at first, but you'll quickly start feeling better than you ever have.

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