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teodor asked in SportsBoxing · 9 years ago

Scariest Boxing Nicknames You Know Of?

"Two Ton" Tony Galento, Luis " Wild Bull of the Pampas" Firpo, John " The Beat" Mugabi, Frank " The Animal" Fletcher, "Caveman" Lee, " Young Terror", please name as many you know of..


I was thinking more of the rarely-heard of or uncommon scariest nicknames that would immediately conjure up frightful images of the boxer as my examples suggest. The Ghost with a Hammer is certainly a good one. Vinnie Pazienza was once known as the Pazmanian Devil but the cartoon character Tas ( for Tasmanian Devil ) took out some of the scare away. I hope to hear more from our bloggers on this. Thanks!

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  • Stone
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    9 years ago
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    "Manasa Mauler" Jack Dempsey

    "Michigan Assassin" Stanley Ketchel

    "Babyfaced Assassin" Marco Barrrera

    "The Rock" Rocky Marciano

    "Dark Destroyer" Nigel Benn

    "Black Executioner" Earnie Shavers

    "Madcap Maxie" Max Baer

    "The Punisher" Paul Williams

    "The Ghost With A Hammer" Jimmy Wilde (weird one, mainly because he was so small and quick - ghost but was a phenom of a power puncher - hammer)

    "Hit Man"/"Motor City Cobra" Tommy Hearns

    "Hands Of Stone" Roberto Duran

  • 9 years ago

    Wilbert Vampire Johnson. The name itself is right out of a horror movie. What else could be scarier? He was a bizarre character and not much more than clubfighter status however he was entertaining.

  • 9 years ago

    'Big Bear' Sonny Liston. 'Brown Bomber' Joe Louis, 'Galveston Giant' Jack Johnson. Thomas 'Hitman' Hearns.

  • vino
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    9 years ago

    For me, the scariest is Bhop's "The Executioner". Also just a random monicker - "The Butcher".

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    filipe,gergore,lance,fox,determanation,determand,demon,qurter -ton im prob going to do boxing and get up to 500 pounds im 6'7

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    how about " gentleman " jim jeffries terrifying ..... or "sweatpea " Whitaker ...ha ha

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