Do you still think Madonna is the queen of pop?

I want to know who would you think would make the next queen of pop, I respect Madonna but I mean there has to be new ones. Not all lifetime Madonnas gna be.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes, Madonna is the Queen of Pop and she will always be. Those titles don't pass form one person to another. Even if she was dead for a 100 years, she will still be the Queen of Pop, just like Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and Elvis is the King of Rock and Roll.

    You have to understand that being the Queen of Pop has nothing to do with having popularity on YouTube or Facebook or silly things like that, it's something much much deeper than just record sales or award winning. Being the Queen of Pop has to do with the history of music and culture in general. Madonna is the Queen because of the role she had in worldwide culture. She has become part of culture and part of our collective unconscious. Don't get me wrong, I like Lady Gaga a lot, but I think she's just another famous star, yes, a superstar, but nothing more. If you look back there were many artists like her and ever bigger than her in the last 20 years of pop music.

    The thing is that her fans tend to be too young and Lady Gaga is the first mainstream star they know so they think she's the Queen, but she's just another star.

    Madonna is something else. She has transcended music, and that's another point:

    It's ridiculous to think that every new generation has a new Queen of Pop, because in order to be the Queen of pop she has to transcend the generations (like Madonna did for 30 years). If a new Queen of Pop comes out every 5 years, then it means none of them were really the Queen, right?

    Being the Queen of Pop is not something momentary, it's historical and everlasting.

    Being the superstar of the moment (like Gaga, Britney, Gwen Stefani, J-Lo, Cyndy Lauper, etc), that is momentary.

    Every generation has a superstar, but they all share the same Queen throughout the years.

    Besides Madonna's most successful tour of her entire career was only 2 years ago (S&S Tour 2009). That's not too long ago. If this generation started in 2010 then they are all babies!!

    And finally, if you decide to give the crown to artists like Gaga or Rihanna, you will have to reduce the crown and the castle, because I think people have no idea of how huge Madonna was. The level of stardom that Gaga or Rihanna have right now is very small compared to the level of stardom that Madonna had. So if any of them are the new Queen , they are smaller Queens. Today there are many artists at that level, too many actually. But none of them has a level of stardom that could come near to Madonna, she was larger than all of them.

    Young people don't know that. If they think no one can be moire famous than Gaga, they have no idea. That's nothing.

    Madonna changed the world of music. Gaga hasn't done anything yet.

  • 3 years ago

    New Queen Of Pop

  • 8 years ago

    Madonna has a career of almost 30 years, has sold over 300 million albums, over 37 singles in the top 10 of Billboard, the tour has a more lucrative solo artist of all time, the greatest hits album sold for more a solo artist (The Immaculate Collection, with 32 million copies sold), eight albums that reached the top of the Billboard 200, and considered an icon of fashion, music, beauty and pop culture, being respected and revered for maintaining a level of autonomy and influence evident in the music industry for over 25 years. Pioneered performances, video clips and presentations marked among women and is the greatest woman in the history of entertainment

    Do you still think that some of the XXI century singer plagiarist can replace such talent and power? Think about it ....

    Michael Jackson, Madonna, Elvis Presley and the Beatles are artists the world has never ceased to revere and never failed to remember. They are the masters of pop culture world

    If Michael Jackson will always be the King of Pop, Madonna will always be the Queen without a doubt

  • 3 years ago

    No Madonna isn't' sexy except shes' have been given a lot of makeup on i comprehend she seems so previous without the makeup on authentic. i think of Britney Spears is the queen of father no longer Madonna shes in simple terms a washed up has been now yet Britney's' nonetheless youthful sparkling and colourful and as sexy as ever. And yea I even have considered the vains on her neck yuck.

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  • 8 years ago

    Madonna has a better chance of becoming the Queen of England than the Queen of Pop. She had her day in the sun and now she looks a lot better when the lights are dim - although she does have a nice *** for a 50+ year-old 'lady'.

  • Rahl C
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    8 years ago

    Madonna Was Never The Queen Of Pop

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I think Lady Gaga is the new Queen of Pop. Yeah, Madonna was the Queen of Pop, & Britney was the Princess of Pop, but she's still the Princess, and Gaga is the new Queen.

  • 8 years ago

    Katy Perry is more of the queen of Pop now, coz shes gonna have 5 number ones from the same album, last achieved only by Michael Jackson. Theyre gonna be the King & Queen of Pop pretty much! ^_^

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  • 8 years ago

    Then explain why Elvis is still the King of Rock.

  • Д. J.
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    8 years ago

    ... You're wrong.

    ♔ The King Of Pop: Michael Jackson (750 Millions Albums Sold)

    ♔ The Queen Of Pop: Madonna (500 Millions Albums Sold)

    - King Of Rock & Roll: Elvis Presley (1.000 Million Albums Sold)

    - Queen Of Rock & Roll: Tina Turner (180 Million Albums Sold)

    - Queen Of Soul: Aretha Franklin (100 Million Albums Sold)

    - Queen Of Disco: Donna Summer (100 Million Albums Sold)

    - Historical Group Of Rock & Roll: The Beach Boys (100 Million Albums Sold)

    - Historical Group Of Pop/Rock: The Beatles (1.000 Million Albums Sold)

    - Historical Group Of Rock: The Rolling Stones (250 Million Albums Sold)

    - Historical Group Of Pop: Abba (350 Million Albums Sold)

    - Legends Of Soul/R&B: James Brown (83 Million Albums Sold), Ray Charles (Unknown) & Little Richard (32 Million Albums Sold)

    - Greatest Divas Of Pop: Whitney Houston (230 Million Albums Sold), Celine Dion (200 Million Albums Sold) & Cher (100 Million Albums Sold)

    A lot of other artists, then...

    - Prince Of Pop (Europe): Robbie Williams (55 Million Albums Sold)

    - Princess Of Pop (Europe): Kylie Minogue (100 Million Albums Sold)

    ۩ 80's:

    - Prince Of Pop (U.S.A.): Billy Joel (100 Million Albums Sold)

    - Princess Of Pop (U.S.A.): Cyndi Lauper (30 Million Albums Sold)

    ۩ 90's:

    - Prince Of Pop (U.S.A.): Prince (80 Million Albums Sold)

    - Princess Of Pop (U.S.A.): Janet Jackson (100 Million Albums Sold)

    ۩ 00's:

    - Prince Of Pop (U.S.A.): Justin Timberlake (17 Million Albums Sold)

    - Princesses Of Pop (U.S.A.): Britney Spears (66 Million Albums Sold) & Christina Aguilera (46 Million Albums Sold)

    ۩ 10's:

    - Prince Of Pop (U.S.A.): Justin Bieber (9 Million Albums Sold)

    - Princesses Of Pop (U.S.A.): Lady Gaga (15 Million Albums Sold)

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    & Katy Perry (5 Million Albums Sold)

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