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Josh asked in Society & CultureLanguages · 9 years ago

How can I teach my son another language?

When I don't speak that language at all. My son was born in my girlfriend's native country (another story). She wants to teach him Spanish but I don't speak Spanish. I am barely learning really. She wants to have him be fluent in Spanish and learn English through school.

My girlfriend had a hard time learning English because she came to America when she was 10. She didn't speak English until 6 months later because she hated her accent and didn't want to sound funny. She has 0 accent now and completely fluent. Her mom taught her some English when she was younger.

My son was born in my girlfriends country by accident. She had issues there and had to solve. She couldn't come back to America and she was pregnant at the time. So she had the baby there and we have been there for a while.

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  • Kaya
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    9 years ago
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    A good way to learn Spanish is to have your girlfriend read to him/talk to him/show him movies in Spanish as much as possible, and call the local high school and ask the counselor to recommend one of their students who is good at Spanish to come tutor once in a while. That way he can learn the culture and the accent correctly by hearing it, and also learn the grammar and spelling correctly with a book/tutor.

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  • 9 years ago

    Depends on old your son is. If he is still in his critical learning period which generally ends at 12, the way to teaching your son is simply by exposure to the language.

    It can be interaction with adults, or even just watching movies. Naturally, within two years or so, your child should have developed a vocabulary.

    Note that the children learn language the best before the age of 5. After that, they'll need intensive training to learn a language. But the learning is different compared to an adult. It's difficult for us to learn a language and no matter how much practice, we'll never be AS fluent as a native tongue. But your child will mentally form words and sentence structures the more they are exposed to a language at an early age.

    Source(s): Studying child language acquisition.
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  • 9 years ago

    You can't teach your son another language that you don't know. But you can have others teach him the language for you. How about instead of letting school teach him, you do, and to make sure he also learns Spanish you ask your girlfriend to teach him it. Also, while she teacher him Spanish you can learn a thing or two from her too. This way, he learns both languages and you learn some Spanish while your at it. Also, kids are much easier to teach a language to. Talk to them continually in it and they will understand FAST. That is why you should have your girlfriend talk to him in Spanish a lot and you talk to him in English a lot while making sure you know what she says of course and learning from it. You can also synchronize what you say, for example after you say something like You want to eat? she says it in Spanish: Quieras comer?

    Source(s): Hope this helps
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  • 9 years ago

    The best and easiest way for you to teach your son Spanish is to learn it with him. It's fun, and you'll a create a strong bond.

    There are some great Spanish courses out there in various formats: book, mp3, cdrom, app, online, etc. A few months ago I published my Spanish Online Course for Kids. You can get the free samples here:

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  • 9 years ago

    I don't understand the problem. Children are very intelligent when it comes to sorting out language. So you speak English to your son and your partner speaks Spanish to him.

    I'm a Brit and the father of our children is a typical mono-lingual English speaker. Having moved to a German speaking country, I taught the girls to read English before they went to German school. After that, I spoke German to them if they had afternoon school, but in the evenings when Daddy was home we spoke English. They are both multi-lingual having picked up other foreign languages very quickly.

    When my Turkish speaking step son's first child was born, I made a pact that I would only speak German to her. She is now 7 and speaks fluent German and Turkish. Her little sister is 3 and her German is coming on fine. On my last birthday she sang 'Happy Birthday' to me over the phone in English!

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  • 4 years ago

    It could be a first-rate factor on your son to be trained your language. Even spending an afternoon out of the week at your fathers apartment in which you all talk Norwegian fluently, he will undoubtedly prefer it up on his possess. My daughter is a mixture of Filipino/Irish/Scottish, so after we're at my aspect of the households apartment all of them talk Tagalog, and she or he is aware what we are pronouncing however has but to mention something in our language. She'll be two and she will factor to all her frame elements after we ask in each English or Tagalog. It's higher to begin of whilst they're younger, they prefer it up so much less complicated.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Or pay for a cheap tutor to teach your boy over skype -

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