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Palo Alto High School 好嗎?

Is this the best high school in San Francisco area? How does it compares with Mission San Jose High School? Which one is better? Why? Which high school's graduates get into better universities?

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    lol for me i will say mission san jose high is the best cuz that is my school

    yea...but i know a little about palo alto

    and in fact, it is better than mission san jose high

    so if I were u i will choose palo alto

    btw....the equipment in msjhs is not quite good

    very bad actuallyand the universities....

    UC-205 (total)

    UC berkeley -47

  • Gary
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    10 years ago

    Enrollment to public high schools are restricted to local residents.

    So there is nothing you can really compare.

  • 肉伊
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    10 years ago

    choosing Palo Alto because of Standford?

    well... environment maybe better, give you wider perspective toward future

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