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6 Terms of payment 6.1 Invoices shall be rendered following the delivery of the Goods or performance of the Services. The following information must he shown clearly on all invoices: the Purchaser's OrderNumber; the Order line reference; the unique part or component numbers in respect of theGoods; the delivery note number; the Supplier's VAT number; each item of the Goods shown Separately. 6.2 Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Purchaser, the Purchaser shall pay the price of theGoods and the Services within 60 days after the end of the month of receipt by the Purchaserof a proper and accurate invoice or, if later, after acceptance of the Goods or Services inQuestion by the Purchaser (in accordance with the provisions of condition 7). Any advancePayment made by the Purchaser at the Supplier's request shall be held by the Supplier as partPayment and not as a deposit. 6.3 The Purchaser may set off against the price any sums owed to the Purchaser by the Supplierand may deduct from the price any sums required to be deducted by law.

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    6 的付款條件

    6.1 發票須後交付的貨物或服務的性能來呈現。

    以下資訊必須他所有發票上清楚地顯示: 買方的訂單

    編號 ;命令列參考 ;唯一的部件或元件編號的

    貨物 ;送貨單編號 ;供應商的增值稅號碼 ;每個專案顯示的貨物


    6.2 除非另有書面約定由買方,買方須支付的價格

    貨物和服務的購買者收到月結束後的 60 天內


    質疑 (按照規定的條件 7) 購買者。任何進展



    6.3 買方可抵銷價格由供應商向買方所欠的任何款項


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