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Native American, Slayer of Alien Gods?

I have got a grounding in the Occult, and read stories, and I have stumble upon my own culture, and a song "Slayer of Alien Gods".

And this is much more than a story, cuz the Alien gods that kill for pleasure are the Alpha-Draconians.

I have heard many other stories of other cultures AROUND the world talking about Reptilian, Lizards, and Gaint Aliens coming down form the Heavens and killing for Pleasure.


(F.W.) The history of Reptilian race

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    The problem with the video as with much of the research done now a days is it is based on sensationalism rather than being factual. The first part of the video is based on the work of Zecharia Sitchen. It will take us decades to recover from the disservice Sitchen did to us. His lying about Nibiru can be easily verified on the web. Carlos Castaneda wrote in the 60's of a Peyote use amoung the natives people. He mixed fact with fancy and received a degree from UCLA for doing it. Later it was discovered exactly how deceptive he was but by then damage was done. It is not that some of the things he said were not true, but that much of what he said was pure fantasy. His deception still reverberates through thousands of books that use his deception as fact. If you don't mind being fed sh*t then it's fine, but if your after the truth, then it is a different problem altogether.

    It's not that I have a problem with peyote or Native peoples or shaman, it is that I want to know the truth not someones pipe dream. Zecharia Sitchin is the new Carlos Castaneda. It is not that I don't think there is something to the fact we are being visited, or that ancient Sumerian and Babylonian texts might hold some of the puzzle pieces. But when he [Z.S.] blantantly lies about his credentials and mixes facts with fantasy till nearly all unformed people, think he got the story right, it makes me very sad. Much of the end of the video is based on Alex Jones work, who is an avid Christian and it shows.....he calls the owl Moloch at Bohemian grove. He uses that because it sounds horrible and extracts the emotion he desires. But Moloch was not an OWL, anyone can check that fact and tell whether the person talking of Bohemian Grove, did his own research, or just parrots what Alex Jones said! That's the trouble with theses kinds of videos, just like the web ...they parrot the wrong answers over and over. People take all these extremely radical theories and then string them together like beads. But Moloch is not an owl. And now that lie is now repeated in this video and then by thousands of non aware watchers; who repeat the inaccuracy over and over. I am not saying the ritual is not disturbing. But does no one care about accuracy anymore? Do you want people spreading inaccuracies about you? Todays conspiracy and ancient astronaut researchers are too interested in sensationalism and accuracy falls to the side, obscuring the truth, because reality is not gonna sound quite so bling.

    Are we over run by reptilian shape shifters? I think the archeologhist move with glacier speed and the "new agers" move with lightning speed....I think aiming a little more to the center of those two would do wonders.

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    i did not see the video, for i will get scared and im going to sleep soon :} all i can think of, is, that this earth is their zoo and we are the animals.

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