what episode of smallville does lois lang go skinny dipping?

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  • 9 years ago
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    A. NONE

    B there is a Lois Lane and a Lana Lang-- no Lois Lang...

    C in Slumber (S03 E04) Clark dreams of skinnydipping, and having Lana join him... later she casually mentions swimming and he fruedian slips about skinny dipping...

    in Aqua (S05 E04) we meet Aquaman/Arthur Curry/AC when the 'kids' are swimming at a lake and Lois has a walking out of the water scene showing off her figure, but she clearly wears a Red Bikini, and this scene is used in the opening credits pretty much from that season on -- it is possible she mentions skinny dipping w/ AC as something they did/might do on a date but it is never shown

    there is also (S01 E15) Nicodemus, where Lana is dosed with a Meteor infected plant spore and she strips to her underwear and swims in the school pool in front of Clark -- as her underwear were just as if not more modest than Lois' S04 Bikinior S05 Stripper costume this isn't skinny dipping either

    the closest is Slumber's dream sequence

  • 3 years ago

    form Wikipedia, Smallville, Lana Lang into your seek browser and you will locate each and all the information you desire. i decide to nicely known the call of the episode the place there are 2 Kryptonians on a rampage and he or she gets harm and is strolling on a foul leg. I keep in mind gazing it yet i won't manage to locate it.

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    9 years ago

    I remember seeing that episode a few years ago. I can say with some authority that she's had breast augmentation surgery.

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