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What should the mother do in this situation?

There's one mother and two daughters.

Jane is one daughter who is on bed rest for a debilitating illness that will recover in 6 months. She lives alone in another city. Jane is lonely and likes to talk to her mom very often.

Britney lives in the same city as the mom and when Britney ever calls the mom gets off the phone with jane to take the call since she spends much of her time on the phone with jane.

Is that the right thing for the mother to do? Is that favoritism towards Britney? Jane is typically the more "independent" of the two sisters and doesn't require as much communication in regular circumstances. Britney has typically been the one who requested more conversations and such throughout her life. (Note: this question is from all three people involved, but written from the mom)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well, it sounds like Jane needs her mum more than Britney does right now :/

    The mum shouldnt stop talking to Jane to talk to Britney, but if she was talking to Britney she shouldnt stop talking to her to talk to Jane. If she is on the phone with Jane then she should text Britney when she is done so they can talk, so no one feels unloved/ less important.

    It shouldnt matter who has needed what in the past, children change and grow and will need their parents more at different times. Jane sounds like she really needs her mum, Britney can come over for a chat or coffee anytime.

    Good luck x

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