family car ideas, sedan or small SUV?

We're going to have to start thinking about a new vehicle soon. Unfortunately where we live all the moms drive either minivans or some other huge SUV things like a suburban or Lexus. I don't want either of those.

I need an affordable sedan or small SUV (less than $30000 new or barely used) that is good for a family. IDK, I just don't see much I like so I'm hoping you all can throw out some good models and I can look into them. Any make or model, just need some food for thought and research.

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  • 9 years ago
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    my dream SUV for our growing family (preg w #3) was a toyota sequoia but even used the cheap ones were 2004 ish in year w a trillion miles on it same with Nissan Pathfinder...the prices are insane nad 75 bucks to fill the tank so I didnt get a perfect looking mom car but its a Dodge journey 2009 and even with the DVD installed and everything used it was very reasonable, which is how I ended up with that car. If you have any kids already and are pregnant or pregnant and expecting you will have more in a few years I say get a small suv my car is 3rd row bc we needed it so if you need 3rd row go with that or something fairly cheap and has s torage all over the car in compartments

    if you only need a regular suv some good choices that may be cheap to find used are not anything with a honda toyota or nissan that is not super old and full of miles they are great cars but hold value so used it is hard to find

    my car w 2 kids before i traded in was a VW jetta 2.5 the trunk is huge and i loved that thing with the right way of packing it in the trunk held a port a crib combo storller 3 suitcases 3 overnight bags or duffle bags and a diaper bag and toy bag...seriously you can pack the trunk in Lexus even an older 90s model will be hard to find under 30 000 so its good you arent wanting any car that is a lexus brand

    other sedans or cars are


    camry ( i had one and loved the new camry til some 17 yr old girl totaled it..idiiot)



    suvs may be something cheap like the

    sorento (kia)

    cx7 or cx 9 (mazda)

    depends on how important brand and durablity is for you also and just a tip from me whjich means nothing but unless you are planning on paying the car off at time of purchase i wouldn't buy brand new...i just hate bills and payments and try to keep them as few as possible and refuse to pay for a car for years and years as it devalues

  • LEW
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    9 years ago

    Im not sure how many people you need to seat so that kind of makes it hard. I hate minivans and don't love suv's either. I got a crew cab truck and love the fact it sits 6 and I can haul stuff around. The draw back there's no trunk. If your like me I do my shopping while my kids are at school or home with dad. It saves me a ton of cash that way.

    You should be able to get a nice minivan for 30k. However you can probably only get a stripped down Model SUV for that amount. Unless your ok with used. Minivans get much better gas mileage and drive more like a car then a truck. Also insurance is cheaper on a minivan.

  • LisaLu
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    9 years ago

    If you don't really like what you see then you probably wont like any of them as they are all relatively the same. I personally love my Ford Expedition, but that is a much bigger SUV. Try a Kia Soul. It looks more like a little box but from what I have heard it gets the best gas mileage of any SUV. Oh, and fyi new/barely used cars are a waste of money. Look for something a couple of years old and try to by from a private party so you get the most for your money.

    Oh yea, and Lexus is a brand, not an suv, and they make luxury cars as well.

  • A
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    9 years ago

    Toyota Venza - crossover

    Ford Fusion - sedan

    30,000 new is usually the retail price, on sale you should be able to get these models for between 18- 20k. Good luck.

    I would not be bothered with what the other moms are driving. I bought what wold work best for my family.

    I looked for 6 + months before buying a new car, it takes time.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    if its less han 5 people save yourself the money and buy a ford fiesta sedan se

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