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Are airports scary and hard to work out?

17 and going away on my own for the first time, i am so worried about co-ordinating the air port and getting lost and stuff ;(

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    I'm 13 and go to airports all the time. I assure you there's nothing to be worried about, because you've got plenty of people there to help you.

    ''Flying for the first time can be an intimidating experience, especially if you do not know what to expect. The idea of taking a trip at such high speeds in the air can leave you feeling somewhat apprehensive, but rest assured that airlines take extreme measures to ensure safety, and that the passengers' well-being is their primary concern.

    Your flight information should be clearly outlined on your ticket, which you will pick up before you board. Make sure you arrive at the airport about an hour ahead of time so that you have ample time to check in luggage, get your tickets, and get to the proper gate for boarding. Planes begin boarding usually between fifteen and thirty minutes before take off. Always be sure to double check your ticket to be safe before boarding.''

    I wouldn't suggest just an hour. If it's your first time, at least 2h before you're going on the plane.

    The first thing you need to do is check in for your flight and get a boarding pass. You can do this one of several ways. The easiest is to print it online via your airline's website. You can also print it at the computerized kiosk near the ticketing counters.

    The next step is to check in your luggage if you have it. There will be a counter for your specific airline that you will use to do this. You will need to show them your boarding pass so they tag the bag for the correct aircraft. Once this is done, proceed directly to the security line.

    When you go through security, be sure to have your photo ID ready to show the TSA officer. Also try to have your bag organized in case of a search. You will need to have all liquid items in a plastic zip lock bag with no bottles bigger than 100ml. Check the TSA website for detailed security information regarding what you can and cannot put in your carry on.

    Lastly, once you are through security, go to the gate listed on your boarding pass. Be sure to check the monitors to make sure your flight is leaving from the same gate as your pass states. Sometimes this information changes. Once you're at the gate, it's pretty simple - wait for your aircraft and board when asked by the attendant. Once you get off, there will be a screen saying the flights and their numbers, for example: ''TAP A300 Portugal ---> London'' on ''Carousel 4''. There will be numbers and signs so you won't have to worry about retrieving baggage. Just go to your carousel, and when you see your luggage coming round, just take it off.

    When you're waiting for your flight, just read a book or something. Normally, there's magazines and newspapers in the waiting area, and vending machines. When your flight is ready, you will be the first priority, because it's Children and the Disabled first, so just make your way towards the front, because you're legally permitted. It's fine - nothing will happen. Going on a plane is pretty cool too, and depending which plane you go on they might provide free snacks, however if you're travelling with EasyJet or something like that, then you'll have to pay for food.

    Don't worry! Everything will be fine. I'd suggest not wearing tight jeans or that sort of thing, because in the plane you get a restricted amount of space (depending on which airline and plane you're going with). Also, try not to cross your legs since that restricts the blood circulation and can make you feel VERY uncomfortable at lift offs and arrivals. For lift offs, if you're REALLY nervous then plug your headphones in (without music, preferably, though if you're REALLY REALLY nervous then do put music on) and read a magazine. It'll help get your minds off of things. When you're going down, suck a sweet. It really helps, and also clench your stomach and sit up straight. You'll feel so much better. If you've got turbulance (Pain in the ****, had them ALL of my journey last time), don't worry. It'll feel really shaky, but it'll stop soon. If your plane suddenly drops, don't worry. You'll be fine (last time we nearly dropped in the sea!). I'm not trying to make you nervous, I'm just warning you that your plane flight might not be perfect. There's absolutely no chance (only the tiniest bit) that you'll have problems.

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