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Are big screen TVs supposed to look grainy?

We just bought an EXPENSIVE Sony HD TV, but most of the channels not in HD are grainy. Is that normal? And if not, how do you fix that? Seems kinda lame to prefer to want to watch regular television on a smaller TV.

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  • 17R3W
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    Let me ask you this.

    When you bought the expensive TV, did you pay $10 for a HDMI cable, or insist on using a crappy dollar store cable?

    This is the enemy of your HDTV

    Throw the yellow composite cables (pictured above) in to the garbage.


    Or in a pinch component

    The reason being, that yellow composite cable is from the 1980's (well before the advent of HD) and can't carry a HD picture.

    REMEMBER: An HDTV without something HD to watch, is just an overpriced TV.

    The other thing to watch is the source.

    For television, over the air is the best. Plug the antenna directly into the HDTV.

    For cable, use a HD box (not a standard digital box) OR plug the cable directly into the TV.

    For satellite get a new HD Box from the provider.

    For DVD's use a bluray player (good ones are now under $100). The bluray player will still play your old DVD's.

    - 17R3W

  • 8 years ago

    Standard definition channels will look grainy / rubbish, but HD channels will look pin sharp and amazing. Playing around with the settings will help - put sharpness on 100 for a start.

    Recommend paying for Sky+HD. That's the whole point of buying a HDTV, to watch tv in HD.

  • Duck
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    8 years ago

    No they aren't grainy. I have a 55 in projection, 50 in plasma and a 46 in lcd. None are grainy in either HD or SD

    Try and reset the factory setting maybe something got played with o.0. Next call Sony Tech Support.

  • 8 years ago

    Yes - they look washed out and grainy.

    Standard def video is 70 years old. It was standardized in 1949 and designed for a nine-inch screen.

    When you blow it up (like a newspaper under a magnifying glass) you see grain, noise and limits of the technology from 70 years ago.

    You need to upgrade your service to HD. You will be shocked at how good it looks and chances are you wont ever watch standard def again.

    Call your cable company and get a HD box and preferably with a DVR/PVR so you can pause, rewind and record things. (TRUST ME - these things are great).

    You can get your own HDMI cable without spending $$$. Order a Media Bridge brand HDMI cable from Amazon for $9-$19 and have it available when the guy comes out to upgrade your service.

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