What do you think about a bride wearing glasses?

I find contact lenses very uncomfortable. What do you think about a bride wearing glasses?

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  • 10 years ago
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    My friend summed it up best on her wedding day. She HAS contacts but she rarely wears them. Either her mother or her grandmother or the makeup artist or somebody grabbed her contacts as we were rushing out the door to get to the church. When we got there, the makeup artist started doing her makeup and someone said "Oh no, she didn't put in her contacts first!" and my friend turned to whoever it was (worried aunt perhaps) and she said "I'm wearing my glasses. That's how everyone sees me each day, that's who I am" and went back to getting her makeup done.

    Wear what you feel comfortable in.

  • Jane
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    5 years ago

    By all means, YES! It's who you are! Actually, recently we've been to weddings where both the bride and groom wear glasses! If you don't have anti-reflective coating on them, the professional photographer will be careful that there isn't any glare. But, a story here and a warning -- I've worn glasses for years (had a stint of contacts) - and the morning of my wedding after I woke up, picked up my glasses from the counter, and they broke in two at the nosepiece! They were not old, nothing wrong with them, but this happened! I was in a small city, no where to replace or repair them - so I had to go through the wedding day not seeing very well. I see ok up close, but farther away is a problem. So then, all the wedding pics are of me without glasses, and it's really very odd.... like it's me, but it's not me! Have some sort of backup, or a plan, just in case.

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