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How dangerous is a nose piercing?

I've had my nose pierced before. Piercer put a hoop in a month after I got it done, scared me about it, I had a nightmare and pulled the sucker out. So, long story short, I took it out. When I had it done, it was completely fine. No infections, no soreness, nothing. I really loved having it and miss it a ton -- I want to get it done again (on the other side, of course.) However, I've developed this strange fear that it would get ripped out/get infection/etc. Probably due to the nightmare that caused me to take mine out in the first place. So, I just want to know how prone to being ripped out or getting infected is it really?

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    If you were healing well the first time, you will probably do the same now. But I would recommend a stud rather than a ring if you're afraid of getting it caught on something and being pulled out. In my experience, nose rings are more likely to fall out than get "ripped out" though.

    If you really liked having it then go for it again! You can always take it out and put a near-invisible retainer in it if you want to hide it for a while and not worry about it coming out.

    As long as you follow the proper aftercare regimen, you should be safe from infection, so just relax and get that nose pierced! =D

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    I've had my nose pierced for 10 years and its never been ripped out. I have a stud in it. As for infection if you keep it clean you have nothing to worry about. The nose is a resilient body part. Like any piercing good aftercare makes all the difference. Keep your dirty fingers from playing with it and only touch it to clean it AFTER you wash your hands. If your worried about ir being ripped out at night put one of those little circle bandaids over it while u sleep.

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    they can be extremely dangerous! if you tie an end of it to a rope and the other end to a car thats taking off it could damage you badly!

    I dont think its very dangerous =) just do it

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