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where i can play free avatar chat ?

where i can play free avatar chat ? and free dress for wear but don't requres download ?

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  • Cassie
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    10 years ago
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    Here are the avatar chat games I play. Try them.

    Kinsaki is a virtual avatar/world specifically aimed for teenagers. Create you own character, chat, play games. Etc

    Solia Online is an anime avatar community similar to Gaia Online and Tinier Me. Explore the World, play games, Invite your friends, chat.etc.

    Ernya is another online avatar community. Create own character, chat in the forum, shop and play games.

    Midorea Online is another avatar community. It is much smaller and many things are still underdeveloped.

    Kingdom Of Knuffel is an online avatar world that has games, forum, quests and more. You might like this one.

    Menewsha is another online virtual world/avatar game. Chat, games, lots of customization, etc. Big community.

    Frenzoo is 3d avatar world. Own a home, chat, shop.etc

    Gaia Online is an anime avatar community. It has its own “online world” where you can chat with others. Includes games as well . Huge Community.

    Rocket On lets you create your own travel that travels with you on the web. Chat with others across the net.

    Tinier Me is another anime avatar community. Chat, Play games.etc.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Have you tried sites like Menewsha or Gaia?

  • Naeem
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    10 years ago

    Try! That looks like something you'd be interested in.

  • 10 years ago

    maidmarian or moviestarplanet

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