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You adopt ten children who have been in Foster Care a long time?

They want You to decide on a new name for their new lives, but they will be keeping their current name as their middle name. Here they are:

Kahlil......16, boy, (kay hil')

Julio........15,boy, (hoo' lee oh)

Hannelore.13,girl. (han' nah lor)


Elvis......... 10 boy

Etheldreda...9 girl, (e thel' dree da)

Alpheus.......7 boy (al' fee us)

Io................6 girl (i' oe)

Marigny.......5 girl (mair' en ee)

Wolfeyes.....4 boy

Quazar........3 boy (quay' zar)

Good luck to you. You are very brave! Yes, I actually do LIKE all of these names. Any comments would be appreciated.


To make it clear (because I didn't) YOU are to give EACH a NEW FiRST NAME, but their original names must STAY as their MID name (oh, sore throat from shouting- lol)

Update 2:

Thanks to All! I loved reading your names....So Creative. Many of you successfully disguised the strange, original names - lol

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  • 8 years ago
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    I know someone named Kahlil!

    Patrico Stefan Kahlil. "Ricky."

    Ramon Henry Julio. "Ray."

    Caroline Margarita Hannelore. "Linny."

    Antonia Isadora Moonlight. "Annie."

    Marcellus Michael Elvis. "Marc."

    Eleanor Charlotte Etheldreda. "Ellie."

    Orrin Jasper Alpehus.

    Alexandra Pilar Io. "Alex."

    Emmeline Sarina Marigny. "Emme."

    Andreas Julian Wolfeyes. "Drey."

    Nathaniel Benito Quazar. "Nate."

    Ricky, Ray, Linny, Annie, Marc, Ellie, Orrin, Alex, Emme, Drey, & Nate.

  • !!
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    8 years ago

    Dorian Kahlil

    Gavin Julio

    Esme Hannelore

    Johanna Moonlight

    Ryan Elvis

    Vera Etheldreda

    Eli Alpheus

    April Io

    Vera Marigny

    Kelly Wolfeyes

    Max Quazar

  • Alison
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    8 years ago

    Vincent Kahlil

    Anthony Julio

    Bailey Hannelore

    Alexis Moonlight

    Michael Elvis

    Julie Etheldreda

    Xavier Alpheus

    Elizabeth Io

    Grace Marigny

    Luke Wolfeyes

    Dexter Quazar

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Julian Kahlil

    Xavier Julio

    Arianna Hannelore

    Sienna Moonlight

    Alexander Elvis

    Sophia Etheldreda

    Nathaniel Alpheus

    Savannah Lo

    Elisabeth Marigny

    Ryan Wolfeyes

    Ethan Quazar

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  • G1234S
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    8 years ago

    Lolah Kahlil

    Matthew Julio

    Rosalie Hannelore

    Grace Moonlight

    Jacob Elvis

    Violet Etheldreda

    Adam Alpheus

    Charlotte Io

    Zoey Marigny

    Oliver Wolfeyes

    Thomas Quazar

  • 8 years ago

    Dexter Kahlil

    Andrew Julio

    Emmeline Hannelore

    Rose Moonlight

    Joseph Elvis

    Margaret Etheldreda

    Julian Alpheus

    Anna Io

    Taylor Marigny

    Ethan Wolfeyes

    Michael Quazar

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Aiden Kahlil

    Marques Julio

    Gisela Hannelore

    Skylie Moonlight

    Christoffer Elvis

    Ryleigh Etheldrea

    Calix Alpheus

    Aderyn Io

    Brogan Marigny

    Joshua Wolfeyes

    Troin Quazar

  • 8 years ago

    Nathan Kahil

    Oliver Julio

    Rachel Hannelore

    Diana Moonlight

    Zachary Elvis

    Violet Etheldreda

    Theodore Alpheus

    Holly Io

    Shannon Marigny

    Lucas Wolfeyes

    Milo Quazar


  • 8 years ago

    1. Jackson Khalil

    2. Anthony Julio

    3. Cassidy Hannelore

    4. Eva Moonlight

    5. Isaac Elvis

    6. Mara Etheldreda

    7. Harrison Alpheus

    8. Annaleigh Io

    9. Calina Marigny

    10. Jameson Wolfeyes

    11. Gerard Quazar

  • EmCee
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    8 years ago

    Nolan Kahlil 'Nole'

    Callahan Julio 'Cal'

    Katherine Hannelore 'Katie'

    Abriella Moonlight 'Abby'

    Brycen Elvis 'Bryce'

    Genevieve Etheldreda 'Genna'

    Hudson Alpheus 'Huds'

    Jacqueline Io 'Jackie'

    Sophia Marigny 'Soph'

    Anderson Wolfeyes 'Andy'

    Casen quazar 'Case'

  • 8 years ago

    Andrew Kahlil.

    Nicholas Julio.

    Rebecca Hannelore.

    Abigail Moonlight.

    Canaan Elvis.

    Alice Etheldreda.

    Samuel Alpheus.

    Phoenix Io.

    Veronica Marigny.

    Sullivan Wolfeyes.

    Willis Quazar.

    "Andy, Nick, Becky, Abbie, Canaan, Alice, Sam, Nix, Ronnie, Sully, Will".

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