I want to skip eighth grade?

I'm currently going into seventh grade, and next year I decided I want to skip eighth grade. Don't say it isn't legal, because I know it is, I've done some research on it. I live in the state of Misspuri and go to a Catholic school. I was in the city's gifted program, and I find my closest competition in school to be a large jump below me. I find every class incredibly easy, and have falling asleep in class multiple times out of boredom (I've never actually been caught :). I still maintained higher than a 3.9 GPA, getting one B (I turned something in late, and our teacher at the time (she was fired midway through the year for giving us no assignments) only gave about three assingments a quarter) but nothing else lower than an A. I aced 7 social studies tests in a row, without studying and falling asleep multiple times (at least 20 times throughout the year). I also won the schools Geography Bee for 4th-8th grade, despite only being in the 6th grade. I also competed in a large spelling bee that my school participates in and got third place for my age, for the second straight year. I won the school science fair the only time I competed in 4th grade. Every time we take the achievement tests all of my results come back with at least top 95%, the majority top 98%, and none of my levels being any lower than Freshman in Highschool, with about 4-5 saying Past Highschool. I've taken an IQ test for an admittance to something, and I scored at last 130 (they don't tell you what you scored if you passed, only if you failed. You needed at least 130 to pass). This year I went to a camp for the gifted (my second camp for the gifted, although I've qualified for more, I've had a multitude of bad experiences with Summer Camp (including a tornado coming through and being in a wet shower with four other guys for 2 hours), so I didn't go to them. At the camp I took two classes, Chemistry and Math. In Chemistry class I knew the answer to everything he asked and already knew what would happen when we did the majority of things. Math class we only had about eight hours of (the camp was set up weird, we had at least 20 hours of Chemistry) so we didn't really get anything done, although I was the first to solve 2 of the five puzzles we did. I also played a game of trivia with a bunch of other students and knew a lot of the answers, and was the only person on the team to know more than two answers (I got us to second place).

I have many friends in my grade, but consider all of them academically behind me by a ton (except for one of them, who is probably my closest academic challenger, but he has always got worse grades than me, and I have beat him in almost everything we did (he did make it to National History Day in Washington D.C., but I didn't enter.) And I consider the majority as just plain stupid, although I have never told anyone. I still have fun with them, and would miss a bunch of them, but I would like to get out of my class (I'm having a few girl problems, I'm a guy in case I forgot to say that)

The main reason that I want to wait to skip until eighth grade is because my older sister is in te grade ahead of me, and I don't want to be with her friends, but our school only goes until eighth grade, and I'm going to a public Junior High for Ninth Grade (if I wait I won't have to go to the Junior High, because they are closing them after that year), and the majority of my friends are going to the Catholic Highschool, so I think eighth grade would be a good year to skip, so I'll be put with other kids who don't know a lot of the people.

My question is how should I do it, because I'll be skipping the grade from Catholic School, and going to a public school, which means I have to get permission from both. I know to talk to my school counselour, but after that I don't know what to do.

And don't say the "Don't skip eighth grade because they learn important things," speech because, if that were the case, then you couldn't skip any grades. I've read up on grade skipping and know that it is easy to do if I truly am right to skip (Which I think I am), and that many teachers frown on it because they haven't been taught anything about how to handle gifted students' acceleration. I also know some people that have done a lot to help America as a society went through multiple grade accelerations, such as Martin Luther King Jr, who graduated High School at age 15, and Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'conner graduated High school at age 16.

So my main question is how I can get it okay with both the Catholic School and the Public School, and the rest of the stuff was to get you on my side about it so you don't give a generic, "Don't do it," answer.


Holy hell I typed a ton. The main stuff is the last paragraph, but earlier on I did say that the majority of my friends are going to a different school, so it really won't matter.

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    just don't do it. kids who skip grades always end up being ostracized and they usually seem to lose a lot of their friends...besides, you don't want to rush into a bunch of work. if you're cruisin along, that's flippin awesome. just enjoy the smooth ride, keep kickin booty in school, and maybe use your bonus time to pursue a hobby or interest, or just screw around.

    also, type less, for pete's sake, i only read like 1/4th of what you wrote

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