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heavy metal quiz, answer all right and i'll become you're fan, and choose you as best answer?

the following quiz is a fairly hard quiz:

1st section :

1- name 10 heavy metal bands

2- name 10 heavy metal songs

3- name 10 heavy metal albums

4- name 10 heavy metal musicians

2nd section (fill in the blanks)

1- master of ______ (one of metallica's albums\songs)

2- through the ______ and the _______ (one of the fastest heavy metal songs possible, by dragon force)

3- _____ ___ ____ _______(a band made a song called tears don't fall)

4- " you get a mortal man and put him in _____ watch him become a ______" (lyrics from a song by megadeth)

3rd section (choose) :

1-the following band has fired dave mustaine:

metallica, megadeth, iron maiden, AC\DC

2- dave mustaine has formed the following band :

metallica, megadeth, iron maiden, AC\DC

3- the following band is NOT heavy metal

metallica, megadeth, iron maiden, the offspring, non of the above

4- the following song is about love

master of puppets, in my darkest hour, rose of sharyn, fear the dark

4th section (name the following) :

-the leader of metallica

-the lead singer of iron maiden right now

-a band that took a tour around the world

and called it "flight 666"

-the lead guitarist of rage against the machine

-"METAL UP YOU'RE A**" a quote by who? (he has said it in 1 interview ... so this one IS hard :P)


question is closed ... you guys suck -_-

answers -

1st section :

- metallica

- megadeth

- iron maiden

- bullets for my valantine

- rage against the machine (yes, they are rap metal)

- slayer

- avenged sevenfold

-killswitch engage


- death

2- master of puppets


ride the lightning

no remorse

seek & destroy

unforgiven 1, 2, 3 (i consider them 1 because they are a series)


the end of the line

enter sandman

sad but true

3-kill em all

ride the lightning

master of puppets

and justice for all



the black album (or called metallica)



death magnatic (however you spell magnatic)

4- dave mustane

james hetfield

kirk hammett

lars ulrich

robert trojellio (spelt completly wrong .. lol)

bruce dickinson

tom morello

marty friedman

chris broderick

shawn drover

death magnetic

2nd section :

1-master of puppets

2- through the fire and the flames

3- bullets for my valantaine

4- control ........, god

3rd section :



3-the offspring


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    9 years ago
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    fire flames

    bullet for my valentine





    rose of shayron?

    Source(s): all i gunna name
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  • 9 years ago

    Lars Ulrich

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    How about no?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    is anyone else hungry?

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