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What has happend to That 70's Show cast ?

What has become of the cast of That 70's Show ? what are they doing now ? Also how old are they now?

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    The only people that i know are still "out there" Are: Mila Kunis (jackie) , Topher Grace (eric), And Ashton Kutcher (kelso)

    Ashton was just in a movie called No Strings Attached with natalie Portman

    Mila kunis was in Black Swan with Natalie Portman And Friends with Benefits with justin timberlake

    and Topher Grace was in Take me home tonight ( either 2011 or 2010)

    Fez (idk his real name ) was doing Yo Momma (i think thats ended though )

    there probably in there early 30's

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    Well, they are probably about in their 30's now. I know Topher Grace (Eric), Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), Fez (Wilder Valderaama (sp?)) and Mila Kunis (Jackie) have appeared in some shows and stuff, as well as some new movies.

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    obv. ashton cutcher (dont know how to spell it sorry) is in so many movies and will be on 2 and a half men soon. i have seen the guy who played erik on a few movies but most of his roles wernt like major. jakies character is on freinds with benifits which is a new movie coming out and on a lot of other movies that i have seen. i havent seen hyde or fezz on anything however

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